The Champ: Rhys, Champion of the Chessboard!

Rhys was indoctrinated into the world of chess at a young age by his father, a grandmaster. Unfortunately, even after years of practice, he was terrible. Giving up on his practice, Rhys spent his nights watching pokemon battles on TV, and fell in love with the idea of battling. One day, while wandering in the park amongst the tables where old men played chess, he sat down to think, and was alarmed when he felt a tugging at his side. A small Pawniard had set up a board and seemed eager to play. While playing, Rhys realized that if viewed a game of chess as a pokemon battle, he played wonderfully. Rhys’ newfound skill earned him the respect of his family and prize money from various competitions, which he used to set off on his Pokemon adventure. After years of traveling, he rose to the top of the Pokemon League, and has come to the PAX as League champion, ready to challenge would-be champions to the ultimate battle of wits and skill.


And now, a word from our Champion himself:

Welcome, challengers, to the PAX East Pokemon League 2012. From April 6th until the 8th, you stand before a group of some of the most powerful and brilliant Gym Leaders from every corner of the world. Each of you have been training your teams, honing your skills, and selecting the perfect moves in an attempt to grab the title of champion. If you, the challenger, can defeat 8 leaders, and all four members of our prestigious Elite Four, then only one more obstacle will stand in your way.

My name is Grandmaster Riestal, shortened to Rhys, and this year, I have been asked to serve as your East League Champion. In any Pokemon Battle, a trainer must be connected with their Pokemon. As in a game of chess, you must quickly assess your opponent’s strength, anticipate their moves, and react accordingly and efficiently. Each move you make, too, parallels chess. Sometimes, you sacrifice pieces in order to set your opponent up for an even greater threat, and other times, you put on the pressure with a single piece in order to disrupt the opponents strategy. A challenger who has mastered these skills, and mastered their team, has what it takes to be Champion.

What I am here to tell you today is that my challenge will be unlike any challenge you have faced before. When you, would-be Champ, challenge me for the title, you will be fighting on a very unfamiliar playing field, and you will have to think on your feet in order to claim victory. If you have the skill, the strategy, and the smarts to overcome this challenge, then you truly deserve to be called champion. If not…


Good luck, challengers,
Riestal (Rhys), Grandmaster

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