Leader: Ciro, the Glacial Dragon Hunter!

At the age of nine, Ciro befriended a Sneasel in the Snowpoint mountains where he lived. After his town was razed to the ground by a battle between a Salamance and a Garchomp a month before he was to earn his pokemon license, he stole a pokeball and, with the help of Sneasel, tracked down the wounded Salamance and captured it. He then followed the path of destruction wreaked by the victorious Garchomp, and, with the help Sneasel and Salamance, defeated it. Returning home to his worried parents, he was forbidden from obtaining a license and told he must free the Salamace and say goodbye to the Sneasel. He refused and fled the town, vowing to track down and capture dangerous dragon-types that could be harmful to people. Years later he has earned his license, and a position as a Gym Leader, for his services as a dragon hunter. Prove you are more ferocious than a dragon and earn the Icewyrm Badge!




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  1. Kopaka

    “Glacial,” perhaps?

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