Leader: Hiker Bill, the Jolly Cave Dweller!

Hiker Bill was born in the quiet mountain retreat of Blackthorn City. At the age of six he wandered away from home to explore the world around him. When he realized he was lost, he sat down on a rock and started to cry. Unbeknownst to Bill, the rock he sat down on was a Geodude, and when Geodude heard Bill crying he started to move. When Bill’s parents realized that he was missing, they went out to find him, but it wasn’t hard at all: they could hear him laughing and playing with his new friend Geodude. That evening, Bill went home with his new Geodude and they have never been apart since. As Bill grew older he continued to explore the world and collect other Pokemon with his Geodude. After defeating all the other Hikers throughout his journeys, the Hikers choose Hiker Bill to be their gym leader. Defeat Hiker Bill in battle and you’ll be awarded the Spelunker Badge!

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