Leader: desmond, the Dissonant Destroyer!

Involved in music since before he could speak, desmond Bell was an award-winning musician, well known for his virtuosity. One day, on the roof of his apartment building, he stumbled across a baby Munchlax caught in a clothesline. desmond took it in and, as they grew closer, took an interest in battling together. Eventually, desmond realized he must choose between his love for music, and the world of pokemon battling. After much deliberation, he set out into the world to battle and train with his new found friend, resolving to one day find a way to practice both his passions. After a multi-year absence, desmond has reemerged into the public eye, accepting a position as a PAX Pokémon League Gym Leader with both his music and his pokemon at his side artfully blended together. Challengers, beware, or you may succumb to the bombastic barrage of music and battling! Those who can withstand the salvo of dissidence at symphonic proportions will have earned the Clef Badge.

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