Leaders: Rufus, the League Janitor, and Tony of Terror!

Rufus, The League Janitor!

Strategy: With the league in full swing, Rufus has a lot of cleaning to do. Keep him from his rounds at your own peril!
Trainer’s Pokémon: A crew of muck and grime turned to the path of cleanliness.
Trainer’s Message: Don’t track dirt on my freshly mopped floors or I’ll sweep you into the dust bin!

Spotless Badge
Avoid getting swept up on Rufus’ rounds to earn yourself the Spotless Badge!

Tony of Terror!

Strategy: Taunt, Terrify, Torment, and Trick/Treat!
Trainer’s Pokémon: Pokémon only found in the scariest of places and the most haunted of houses.
Trainer’s Message: How much Fear can you take?

Haunted Badge
Be brave and earn the Haunted Badge!

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