Prepare for Prime!

That’s right, Poké-fans! PPL Prime 2014 is starting to take shape! This means you should start prepping your teams for battle! Or, if you’re planning to apply to be a Prime 2014 gym leader, then you should start thinking about what kind of GL you want to be! We’re really excited to introduce you to the Researchers that will be leading Prime, and i know you will all love what they have in store for you!


Also, PPL *AUS*? Could this really be true? For those of you attending PAX AUS that want to participate in PPL, join our forums and start talking about it! We’ll also be accepting Gym leader applications as we get closer and closer to that convention!


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3 Responses to Prepare for Prime!

  1. PPL Prime is going to be great! I hope I get a chance to battle each and every one of you guys and host my battles on my YouTube Channel []!

    How’s PAX South looking for PPL? Any advancement? I’m most excited about South because I’ll be able to leave the horrid Chicago weather in January for a weekend! 😉

  2. Researcher Nyankokimi

    We’re having people scout South to see what the layout will be like, so we won’t know anything just yet until after that. 🙂

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