Announcing Trainer Cards for East 2013!

The PAX Pokemon League East is proud to present the designs for this year’s Trainer Cards!

From top to bottom: the Electric Bird card, the Fire Bird card, and the Ice Bird card. In the upper right, the reverse of the Ice Bird card. Designed by me, Propriety. Our amazing leader art is drawn by Kimberly Swanner, with inks by Cocowoushi and colors by Laura Wilson (a.k.a the mayor of Weenietowne!)

After their first battle, each challenger will be awarded their very own trainer card! In addition to being a nice memento of your PAX Pokemon League journey, each trainer card shows Gym Leaders recommended for you to battle and the badge you’ll earn if you defeat them! (Of course you can battle any leader, not just those on your card.)

Also, on the back of the card is useful information about the League, such as contact information, meetup times, and new Leader Swarm times and locations! (More on Leader Swarms next week!) Also on the back of the cards is a cipher that will help you unlock the location of the legendary birds… more details on the LEGENDS Challenge will be posted on Thursday!

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