Challenging the League and LEGENDS Puzzle Reminder!

In case you missed the original post, here’s a quick review about Trainer Cards!

After facing your first gym leader, win or lose, they should award you a trainer card! On the front of this card, you’ll see a subset of gym leaders who might be most suitable for you to battle! Remember, though, you can battle ANY Leader, not just those pictured on your card!

Collect eight badges from any leader for the right to face the Elite Six. Collect four emblems from any of the Elite Six for the right to face the champion!

While supplies last, anyone who beats the Champion will be themselves crowned champion and will be awarded one of these FABULOUS CHAMPION CAPES!

Lovingly handcrafted by gym leader Berri! (@YacheBerri)

On the back of the card is important information, like meetup times, swarm times, and contact info for the League!

Also on the back of the card is a puzzle detailing the location of one of the legendary birds. Solve the puzzle using clues you pick up during your PPL journey! We highly recommend working together with other challengers to find clues! Some gym leaders will also have clues that might help. Once you’ve unmixed the solution to the puzzle, find Researcher Propriety or Researcher Kim (pictured on the back of the cards) to claim your prize! The puzzle is nonmandatory, but it is a good way to win prizes!

Also, here is a quick wallpaper of the Elite 6 and the Champion, to get you in the mood for a challenge!


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