Leaders: Rillian, Katrina, and Alexander!


Leader: Rillian, the Prehistoric Researcher!


Strategy: I bring the ferocity of the ancient world to my opponents!
Trainer’s Pokémon: I restored them myself!
Trainer’s Message: I run the Jurassic Pokepark after the Isla Nublar incident.

Jurassic Badge

Push Rillian to the brink of extinction to earn the Jurassic Badge!


Leader: Katrina, the Good-Natured Collector!


Strategy: Be versatile!
Trainer’s Pokémon: Buddies from my collection!
Trainer’s Message: My Pokémon are anything but ordinary!

Simple Badge Simply emerge victorious to earn the Simple Badge!


Leader: Alexander, the Emerald Knight!


Strategy: Teamwork is the key to victory!
Trainer’s Pokémon: Determination is the spirit of my green Pokémon!
Trainer’s Message: Whether it’s fighting crime, playing a sport, or battling Pokémon, it’s all about working together to accomplish your goals!

Emerald Badge Show Alexander your team’s spirit and you can score the Emerald Badge!


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