Visit the Champion Showcase for LEGENDARY PRIZES!!!

On Sunday, at 7:01 PM, after PAX has officially ended, come to the Westin Mezzanine for the

Gym leaders, Elite Four, and Challengers will mingle and battle! Maybe pick up a few of the badges you missed, get to know your fellow Pokemaniacs, get in on the League’s annual group photo, and just generally have a good time! Plus, challengers who beat the Champion can come here to show off their capes!

But the real big news is that at the Champion Showcase we’ll be giving away FABULOUS PRIZES!!!

Every challenger who successfully solves the LEGENDS puzzle on the back of their trainer card and reports the solution to claim their prize will be entered into a raffle to win one of these sweet perler bead magnets!

Created by the wonderful Emily(@HotBeverages)!

And, of course, the grand prize: for those who solve the LEGENDS puzzle and also ascend to the highest point of the League… every challenger who both proves their worth against Champion, and solve the LEGENDS puzzle and report the solution to Researcher Propriety or Researcher Kim will be entered into a raffle to catch one of the Legendary Birds… IN BABY FORM!!!

Created by Naox, these legendary birds are soft and cuddly and will probably not engulf you in flames/frost/lightning.

You must be present to win these fabulous prizes, so make sure you’re at the Champion Showcase from 7-8 on Sunday evening!

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