Handheld Lounge Meetup Times!

It’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Here are your 2013 PAX Pokemon League Handheld Lounge Meetup Times!

Just remember “4-4-2”!

Friday: 4 PM!

Saturday: 4 PM!

Sunday: 2 PM!

All meetups will be held in the Handheld Lounge! The Handheld Lounge gets crowded during PPL meetups, so please be courteous to those around you, especially people who are not participating in the PPL and are just trying to chill in a beanbag with their handheld. Do not step on them! Try to share beanbags if possible. Also try to keep the noise at a reasonable level; some pokemon startle easily and you wouldn’t want to distract some other challengers’ pokemon during their battle! Also, outlets are at a premium in the Handheld Lounge area. If you have a power strip, bring it! If you have a wrist charger, bring it!

Meetups only go for an hour officially but gym leaders often hang around afterward and they’re a great way to challenge lots of gym leaders or find that one elusive badge you’re missing.

Also, meetups are a great time to ask other people and compare notes toward solving the LEGENDS puzzle that will be on the back of your trainer card! We encourage challengers to collaborate with each other. Bring Researcher Propriety or Researcher Kim the solution to the puzzle to help them find the legendary birds and receive a prize!

ALSO Also, be sure to join us on SUNDAY at 6:01 PM after the closing ceremonies on the Mezzanine of the Westin Lobby for the CHAMPION SHOWCASE! More details on the Champion Showcase will be revealed soon!


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2 Responses to Handheld Lounge Meetup Times!

  1. redsoxfan0711

    Just for clarification (as this is my first year competing), we can still battle leaders if we see them outside of the meetups, yes?

    • Propriety

      Of course! Meetups are just to help you find gym leaders more easily and get to know fellow challengers. Part of the fun of the PPL though is hunting down gym leaders as you wander around PAX! As long as they’re wearing their green scarf, they’re ready for battle!

      Occasionally a leader will take off their scarf if they need a break. For example, to use the bathroom. Probably… probably don’t challenge them while they’re in the bathroom.


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