The Last of Our Gym Leaders Revealed!

Finn and Corvus, the Fairweather Friends!

While Finn and his family was returning from Mt. Pyre to their home in Lilycove City, a boy stumbled out into the clearing before them, badly injured, with an Absol following just behind. Finn sent out his Meditite against the Absol, but both Pokémon refused to fight. The Absol was simply protecting the boy, who introduced himself as Corvus and said he was running away from his home in Fortree. Finn’s family took in Corvus and helped him recover from his injuries, the Absol he befriended in the wild staying by his side the entire time. Finn and Corvus grew up friends with a fiery rivalry between them, battling day in and day out and constantly honing each other’s skills, and even embarked on their journey as trainers together. Due to their vastly different upbringings, they are constantly at odds with morality as well as training style, with Corvus preferring the trickery of Dark and Ghost types and Finn sticking to the pure power of Fighting and Psychic types. Corvus joining Team Rocket was an easy decision for him as he simply wants to cause as much trouble as he can, while Finn is accompanying to keep him from getting in over his head.

Work with or against a partner and defeat this duo to earn the Synergy Badge!








After retiring from the Kanto Elite Four, Lorelei went back to her childhood home on Four Island to take care of her family there and protect them from Team Rocket’s clutches. Many years passed and Lorelei missed the tenacity of the trainers that graced the Elite Four’s Hallways. One day, Lorelei decided to adventure outside of her island hometown on the back of her Lapras. She hoped to find more trainers with the same tenacity and purity that she had fought against long ago. Lorelei traveled to Sinnoh and at Spear Pillar, a former member of Team Galactic extended an invitation to join. He said that Cyrus foresaw a battle royale in the stars. After seeing the destruction and hurt lives the other syndicates caused the other regions, Lorelei began to think that new start to the world wouldn’t be a bad idea. Lorelei has come to the PAX Pokemon League to find trainers that remind her that they are not all selfish.

Show Lorelei your tenacity and true potential and win the Shellder Badge! 

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