PPL Comic week 2!

We’ve got another comic page up today, but first a word on a more personal note from Professor Pine himself.

Hello all, It’s me, Professor Pine.
As you’ve no doubt heard the news from last week, I’m suspending the League this year at PAX.  I will still be in attendance of course, but due to the take over last year by Team Rocket, and the instability of the Rivals’ Leadership at East, we all need to take a step back and assess the situation we have in front of us.  Since we already had a fair number of leaders signed up to participate, there will still be other leaders at PAX Prime, and their bio’s will be getting posted soon.  Also thanks to an anonymous benefactor, more Leaders are going to be brought in to help fill in the void while the other League officials and myself sort out the state of the League.  So this year at Prime will be different, but still wonderful.  I really hope to see you there.
~~Professor Lester Pine


And now to your weekly scheduled content from elsewhere in the world…

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