Leader: Virus, the Lunar Guardian!

Spirited away and raised by Drifloon’s as an infant, the true name of Virus is only known in Floonish and kept only by his cluster of ‘floons. When Team Rocket attacked a nearby carnival one night, all but him were slaughtered or captured in the ensuing chaos. Finding comfort and survival in the shadows that hid him, he took on a new name, Virus, and vowed to infiltrate Team Rocket to find the culprits responsible and punish them for their atrocities. That is, before he found a much more devious plot in their database: a plan to corrupt the power of every original Badge, thus controlling the most powerful Gym Leaders in the world. Constructing his own Gym in a town of endless night, Virus hopes to lure the strongest trainers in the world to his side. Now, he has set his sights on a new proving ground to foster allies: PAX. If you humble yourself before the power of the night, the Moonlight Badge will be bestowed upon you.

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