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Leaders: Mike, the Kanto Air Force Ace, and Volcanus, the Pure Flame!

Mike, the Kanto Air Force Ace!

Strategy: I will test your knowledge of Flying-types before testing how you can handle my Wingmons!
Trainer’s Pokémon: A photo floats down from the sky:


Trainer’s Message: Will you crash, or will you be able soar above my Squadron of Flying-types to get the Flight Badge?

Flight Badge

Volcanus, the Pure Flame!

Strategy: After training in Stark mountain once again, I return to PAX to use flames to purifry my opponents.
Trainer’s Pokémon : The purest of fire-types
Trainer’s Message: Embrace the heat or flame out.

Purefire Badge
Stand victorious in the heat of battle to earn the Purefire Badge!

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Leaders: Vi, the Hidden Princess, and James, the Mind Warrior!

Vi, the Hidden Princess!

Strategy: Only the rain can cleanse the wounds from my past!
Trainer’s Pokémon: Swimmingly magnificent; we work with each other to wash away our competition.
Trainer’s Message: Hidden away in the vast oceans of Hoenn for years, I’ve learned to synergize with my water-type Pokémon. Bring your towel because you’ll need to endure our harsh rains to be victorious!

Coral Badge
Leave Vi’s team floundering if you desire the Coral Badge!

James, the Mind Warrior!

Strategy: Mind over matter!
Trainer’s Pokémon: An army of psychic soldiers.
Trainer’s Message: Wars do not make you great, your spirit makes you great.

Psywave Badge

Prove your mind to be resiliant and your spirit strong to earn the Psywave Badge!

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Leaders: Jordan, the Traveling Juggler, and Joshua Eldridge, The Seeker of Knowledge!

Jordan, the Traveling Juggler!

Strategy: Keep the audience guessing!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My Pokémon are acrobats that can change places at a moment’s notice.
Trainer’s Message: These moves are tricky. Keep you eye on the ball if you want to keep up!

Juggle Badge
Be flexible and quick thinking to earn the Juggle Badge!

Joshua Eldridge, The Seeker of Knowledge!

Joshua Eldridge
Strategy: Utilize knowledge taken from ruins to crush my opponents.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Pokémon gathered during my research.
Trainer’s Message: If knowledge is power, I should be nigh unbeatable by now!

Scholar's Badge
Withstand his arcane secrets to earn the Scholar’s Badge!

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Leaders: Haddie, the Hat-Loving Haberdasher, and Emre, The Manly Fairy Trainer!

Haddie, the Hat-Loving Haberdasher!

Strategy: An eye for detail is cap-ital!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My Pokémon love hats as much as I do! You could say they’re fedora-ble!
Trainer’s Message: I might specialize in small wares, but my Pokémon pack a big punch! If you’re not careful, they’ll bowler you over!

Fedora Badge
If you’re ready to toss your hat in the ring and try to come out on top, you’ll earn yourself the Fedora Badge!

Emre, the Manly Fairy Trainer!

Strategy: Using the elegance and strength of my Pokémon, I will defeat any foe.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Fearsome, powerful and kawaii~
Trainer’s Message: Pure brawn and strength will not be able to defeat my Fairy Pokémon.

Heart Badge
Follow your passions to defeat Emre and earn the Heart Badge!

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Leaders: Jadynx, the Elegant Florist, and Heaven, the Heroic Youth!

Jadynx, the Elegant Florist!

JadynxStrategy: Let’s put on an elegant display to overwhelm our opponents!
Trainer’s Pokémon : Flower Pokémon, and Ninetales, who brings the sun!
Trainer’s Message: Will you get your hands on a Bouquet Badge, or will you be pricked by the thorns?

Bouquet Badge

Heaven, the Heroic Youth!.

Strategy: Overpowering opponents with ground and physical moves.
Trainer’s Pokémon: I’ve been left in charge of Kanto’s prestigious Viridian Gym! I will defend my home region and bring the Kanto League back to it’s former glory.
Trainer’s Message: This one’s for keeps, stand your ground and fight back to earn the Earth Badge!

Earth Badge

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Leaders: Euri, the Bidoof-loving Rodent Enthusiast, and Apollo Justice, the Chords of Steel!

Euri, the Bidoof-loving Rodent Enthusiast!


Trainer’s Eye: A double-dose of rodents!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My team of rodents will gnaw you down a peg or two!
Trainer’s Message: Have you heard about the Holy Primal Bidoof?

Rodent Badge

Convert yourself to Bidoofism and be enlightened with a Rodent badge!

Apollo Justice, The Chords of Steel!

Apollo Justice

Strategy: The Defense is ready, your honor!
Trainer’s Pokémon: Nothing can break the chords of Steel!
Trainer’s Message: I’m Apollo Justice, and I’m fine!

Attorney's Badge

Achieve a victory for the Prosecution to earn The Attorney’s Badge!

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Leaders: Anthony, The Fishing Guru, and Crow, the Eternal Mirage!

Anthony, The Fishing Guru!


Strategy: Battles with the Rage of a Mighty Gyarados.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Uses many Pokémon he caught with a Fishing Rod.
Trainer’s Message: “You must bring the right bait to lure me into Defeat.”

Cast your line and reel in the Casting Badge!

Casting Badge

Crow, the Eternal Mirage!


Strategy: I use the illusions of reality to trick my opponents into digging their own grave.
Trainer’s Pokémon: Companions to spend forever with…
Trainer’s Message: There are no ends or beginnings. Those are just illusions of reality.

Overcome the force that cheats death itself to earn the Rebirth Badge!

Rebirth Badge

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Leaders: Alexander, the Emerald Knight and Crystal, the Frozen Rose!

Alexander, the Emerald Knight!


Strategy: Teamwork and determination are the keys to victory!
Trainer’s Pokémon: You’ll have a tough time fielding these grounders!
Trainer’s Message: The strength of will can get you through any attack and aftershock!

Shake things up on Alexander to earn yourself the Emerald Badge!

Emerald Badge


Crystal, the Frozen Rose!


Strategy: My ice will freeze you to your soul and strike you with the power of a blizzard!
Trainer’s Pokémon: All my Pokémon share the strength and power of the cold!
Trainer’s Message: Can the flame of your fighting spirit, thaw my icy heart?

Only those with the strength to brave the cold will achieve victory and receive the Frost Badge!

Frost Badge

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