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Prime Leader: Pretty Guardian Sailor Sylveon!



Showing up wherever evil is afoot, righting wrongs and triumphing over evil, Sailor Sylveon received a mysterious invitation to the PAX Prime Battle Chateau. Of course, the energy sucking goons of the Negaverse are also drawn to gatherings of strong trainers such as this. Determined to keep the challengers safe from these evil creeps, Sailor Slyveon and her team of Fairy Guardians are headed to PAX. Challenge Sailor Sylveon when she isn’t busy fighting evil to receive the Moon Badge!

“For Love and Justice, the pretty sailor suited soldier: Sailor Sylveon! In the name of the moon I will punish you!”


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Prime Leader: Samuel Willingston III, the Hot Headed Pupil!



As a young man, Samuel III was fascinated with Pokémon and sought to learn all he could about them. He traveled Kanto in order to increase his Pokemon knowledge, but it just wasn’t enough. That is, until he met Blaine, the Cinnabar City Gym leader, who was renowned as The Hot Headed Quiz Master. Samuel III learned much from Blaine, and after many years became his star pupil. Now Samuel III heads to the PAX Pokémon League in Blaine’s stead to test its challengers’ knowledge (he isn’t much for battling). Pass his test and be awarded with the Knowledge Badge.


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Prime Leader: Spyra, the Dragon Rider!



To the Northeast of Dendemille, past the Frost Cavern, Spyra protects the village of Lundar by using her knowledge of dragon-type pokemon. She has given every villager their own individual pokemon so they can always be safe. Having a courageous and caring heart, she believes that the only way to truly train your pokemon is to respect and care about them. To challenge her, Spyra must know that you love your pokemon by petting or playing with them in front of her. If you have a pokemon that is at max affection then she will use a friendlier team so you are more likely to win the Admiration badge. If you win the badge, you will prove to her that you are skilled enough to challenge her husband who is part of the elite six!


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Prime Leader: Sol, the Inferno!



A Pokemon trainer hailing from Cinnabar Island, Sol had aspirations from early childhood to become a Gym Leader like his mentor Blaine. Forced to leave his hometown after it was swept away by a volcanic eruption, Sol, along with his trusty Charizard, traveled to the Sinnoh Region to train in the fiery depths of Stark Mountain. It was here that he was approached by an agent of the League who spoke of an opportunity to fulfill his dream in a foreign land far away — Seattle, Washington. His team is as active and heated as the volcano they were trained on, but if you can douse his flame, you’ll earn the Cinder Badge!


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Prime Leader: Gary Oak, the Trainer!



After his disappearance from the League three years ago, it was thought that Gary would never again return to the halls of PAX Prime. However, lately there have been whispers of the legendary trainer making an appearance once more. As it turns out, the rumors were true. Gary Oak, the longtime rival of Ash Ketchum, is one of the most powerful trainers to grace the Battle Chateau! And though he’s gained a lot of experience in his time away from the League, he’s not afraid to flaunt his skills. Though his team sports no clear weaknesses, through strategy and perseverance, you can call the Gary Badge your own.




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Prime Leader: Emre, the Computer Hacker Trainer!


Emre spent many years lurking in the depths of the internet as a black hat hacker using the alias E initiated many cyber-attacks against people who abuse Pokemon. With the help of his Electric and Steel type Pokemon he has worked to foil various projects and plans of Team Rocket and Team Flare. Wanting to test how his hacking knowledge could be used on the Pokemon battlefield, he hacked his way into the Battle Chateau database and made himself a Gym Leader. Rumor has it he’s got connections to a certain elite member within the League due to his line of work. Emre knows how to bring the shock and awe, so you’ll really need to shake things up to take on this computer genius and earn yourself the Byte Badge!



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Prime Leader: Naruhobo, The Semi-Retired Seeker of Truth and Justice!



Known for being a proud and justice-seeking trainer, Naruhobo had his Unova Gym Leader license revoked after being tricked into using an illegally hacked Porygon-Z in battle. Leaving the Wright Battle Anything Gym in the hands of his trusted assistants, Naruhobo has joined the PAX Pokemon League hot on the trail of those who know the truth…though some say he’s just looking for an excuse to go on vacation. Though you won’t need to bring a solid court case to take him down, Naruhobo is still a Pokemon battler to be reckoned with! Defeat him to claim the Turnabout Badge!

(Please Note: The Turnabout Badge does not grant the holder the legal right to practice law.)



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Prime Leader: Ross Ragon, the Masked Nobleman!



There are many different words Ross might use to describe himself: Handsome, noble, charismatic… while others might describe him as arrogant, smug, or conceited. Hailing from Johto, Ross didn’t just want to be the best, he wanted to look the part, too. Wanting to assemble, as he put it, an army fit for a king, he turned to Dragon Pokemon, the only Pokemon he found to match his own strength and elegance. He looked to the Battle Chateau to prove his prowess and build up his noble image – it would be his kingdom to conquer. Should you manage to defeat him and his majestic Dragons, however, you will be handsomely rewarded with the Rose Badge.



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Prime Leader: Professor Pine, the Pokemon Researcher!



A Pokemon professor by trade, Professor Pine has spent many years training and researching Pokemon. Professor Pine’s research mostly focuses on Pokemon that adapt to live outside of their typical environmental niche, such as the Crystal Onix that was discovered in Sunburst Island, as well as the Pokemon of Pinkan Island. In his breaks from research, Professor Pine enjoys staying in touch with modern day trainers, and thus founded the PAX Pokemon League. Its from these expansive travels that he’s learned most of all that Pokemon are great at cooperation. From that principle he built his triple battling team from Pokemon that’s he’s received from fellow Professors all around the world. Show the League’s resident professor what you’ve got and you can earn the Fundamentals Badge.


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Prime Leader: Nylea, the Goddess of the Hunt!



A goddess of the hunt hailing from a faraway place said to cross space and time itself, Nylea has taken a mortal guise to challenge the Trainers of PAX Prime to combat. Tamed by her own hand, her team of Forest Pokemon protect their new master with tooth and nail. Nylea wants to prove the folly of those who reject the call of the wild – can you beat the God of the Hunt at double battles and prove the tenacity and courage of the mortal race? If you can, you’ll earn yourself the Devotion Badge.


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