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Clyde, the Gym Guide and Tom Olive, the White Pokemon Ranger burst in!

Clyde the Gym Guide

Hopped up on the thrill of helping new trainers at the last PAX West, Clyde has decided to use his surprising amount of free time to visit the gyms in the PAX West region. That isn’t all though, since he will again have a badge of his own. Yo! Champ in the Making! outwit Clyde with your POKEMON knowledge to earn your very own Fresh Water Badge!

Freshwater Badge

Tom Olive, the White Pokemon Ranger

After months of preparation and planing, the Pokemon Rangers thought they had enough to take down the evil syndicate known as Team Rocket. A full on assault against one of their major hideouts was looking to be a success when Giovanni himself showed up with a mysterious new pokemon named Mewtwo. Tomy tried to end the battle quickly with all 7 of his Pokemon launching a combined attack against the unknown threat but its psychic powers where too great. It alone was enough to take out Tomy and his entire team. After suffering major casualties, Tomy left the Pokemon Rangers and closed his Gym in search of power. Power strong enough to take down Giovanni and Mewtwo once and for all. He has traveled across many regions and fought countless battles in order to learn and grow. Now hes back, stronger than ever and with a new team of friends. Dawning the colour white, he has re-opened his Gym in the Kanto Safari Zone and enlisted in the Pokemon Rangers once more. As he sharpens his skills by taking on challengers in his Gym, he patiently waits and plans his revenge on Giovanni and Mewtwo. Defeat Tom Olive and you’ll earn yourself the Morph Badge!


Morph Badge

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Doppler Radar the Weather Man and Jose the PokeRanger have made their debut at PAX West 2016!

Doppler Radar the Weather Man


What if mankind can control the sky? What if we could bend mother nature to our will? Imagine the possibilities! Forest fire? Bring out the rain! Torrential downpour? Part the clouds! Too hot or too cold? Never again! Think of all the possibilities! All the help we could bring. That’s all I’ve ever wanted… To help… But they laughed… Everyone laughed. Calling my research senseless and absurd. I’ll Show them! I’LL SHOW THEM ALL!! What ever the means… Overcome natures wrath and claim a Four Cast Badge!



The Four Cast badge

Jose the PokeRanger


Something evil has come to the streets of Seattle! The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are here to help subdue these dastardly villains but they need your help! They can handle any oversize monsters, but they are not exactly professionals when it comes to Pokemon battles. However, they need to make sure you, the challenger, are tough enough to stop the evil doer behind all of this mess. Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! You’ll need the power of teamwork to overcome these teenagers with attitude and win the Ranger Badge!



The Ranger Badge

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