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Lucas and Nienla sashay into PAX West 2016!

Lucas the Boy from Nowhere!


Lucas has lived a rough life growing up on the Nowhere Islands, with his family fracturing due to the attempts of a power-hungry tyrant and his pig-masked army trying to reshape the once quiet islands they all lived on. Through his adventure to try and put an end to the threat to save his home, Lucas discovered he possessed the power of PSI, allowing him to harness both incredible power as well as a deep connection with Psychic Pokemon. Lucas may be timid, but don’t let that fool you: the battles he’s been part of have made the mental toughness of him and his Psychic friends unbreakable. If you can shake off the effects of this PSI onslaught, the Needle Badge will be yours, along with Lucas’ friendship!


The Needle Badge

Nienla Spring Chicken of the Valley!


 Leaving the hustle and bustle of an office job for the valley life has done Nienla good. In between tending to her crops and raising livestock, this spring chicken is accepting challengers. BUT, you better get to her before her energy runs out…Will you harvest a victory, blossom into a better trainer or cry until the cows come home? Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket if you want to defeat Nienla’s team to earn the Stardew Badge!



The Stardew Badge

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