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Introducing Kirky, the Quicky Archeologist and Green, the Obvious Fake

PPLAUS is a scant few days away! Want another peek at what we have in store for you this year? Look no further

Kirky, the Quirky Archaeologist

Kirky’s origin is mostly unknown, seemingly even to himself as he will regularly change his backstory when asked. He is currently based in Australia attempting to prove his wild conspiracy theories through his background in archeology and for this reason has structured his team both for fierce combat and assisting him in surviving harsh wasteland environments. While he isn’t much of a people person due to his isolated nature, he will never turn down a Pokemon battle. Approach with caution and be prepared.

Battle in the harsh conditions that seem to follow him to earn the Fissure Badge!

Fissure Badge


Green, the Obvious Fake

Green was raised among a family of performing mimic trainers but left in shame as he wasn’t so good at the mimicry always get the details wrong. So he started his Pok√©mon journey to perfect his team and his mimicry skills. Despite everyone seeing through his disguises Green became a great trainer and then Gym Leader. Now Green has come to PAX Australia to see if he can fool unsuspecting trainers.

If you can spot and defeat the fake you’ll receive the Counterfeit Badge!

Counterfeit Badge

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