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Keleesi, Mother of Pocketmonsters and Henry, the Dirt-Lovin’ Farm Manager arrive!

Keleesi, Mother of Pocketmonsters

Born into a broken family that betrayed their native lands Keleesi was banished at a young age. She traveled far and long in her exile, growing stronger with each Pokemon she accepted into her service. They are incredibly loyal and endeared to her, as she rescued many of them from abusive trainers that could not see their true potential. In uniting them she was able to return to her homeland, where she fights to prove that she is worthy of her place and to spread her ideas that all Pokemon are valuable. Defeat Keleesi and gain the Thrones Badge!

Thrones Badges

Henry, the Dirt-Lovin’ Farm Manager

Henry is the eighth of eleven siblings, and from an early age he had to shoulder his set of chores at his parents’ Frog Hollow Farm. He could barely contain himself during his 8th birthday when his mom gifted him a Torchic egg and his dad gifted him a Snivy egg to hatch. As a teen, Henry shouldered more responsibilities on the farm as he grew in strength and in smarts, and started learning the mechanics of Pokemon breeding. As an adult, Henry has fully taken over the farm from his parents, and bonded with his Pokemon, they’ve evolved together to manage the Orchards, Fields, and Barnyard in a challenging economy. He’s come to the Emerald City with his three teams in order to negotiate trade, sell at Pike Place Market, and while here, why not battle? Which team will YOU draw in this barn brawl of a one-on-one Pokemon battle? Defeat Henry and gain the Homestead Badge!

Homestead Badge

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