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Professor Pine, the Pokemon Professor and Lt. Surge, The Lightning American jump into West 2017!

Professor Pine, the Pokemon Professor

Professor Pine was an outstanding graduate from the Castelia University Pokemon Research department. After graduation, Pine traveled the world, studying alongside Professor Elm, Ivy, Oak, and Juniper before settling in to research Pokémon in the Pacific Northwest. Professor Pine does most of his research on Pokémon teamwork and cooperation. Despite his time spent doing research, Professor Pine is also an accomplished trainer, having collected many badges in his days of travel. If you end up facing him in a battle, Just be sure to expect the unexpected, and know you’re up against a rather knowledgeable opponent. Setup your own deadly combo to defeat Professor Pine and earn the Basics Badge!

Basics Badge


Lt. Surge, The Lightning American

Normally found hanging around his gym in Vermilion city, the Pokemon veteran Lt. Surge has decided to take some vacation time to the Alolan region. The beaches, as well as the newly found electric types of the region, recharged this seasoned leader, inspiring him to join up with the PAX Pokemon League here in Alola. Attempt to ground Lt Surge’s fast paced team and earn yourself the Thunder Badge!

Thunder Badge

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