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Noreko the Inquisitive Marine Biologist and The Grand Dukes of Kalos are revealed!

Noreko The Inquisitive Marine Biologist!


From a young age, Noreko wanted to follow in Professor Birch’s footsteps and learn more about pokemon by studying them in their natural habitats. As a young trainer, she explored new environments and learned everything about pokemon through observation rather than battling like most trainers at that age. As she grew older, she found a new passion in Ambrette Town when she learned about the special qualities of water types all over the world at the Ambrette Aquarium where she continues to work from time to time. Noreko found her way to the PAX Pokemon League wanting to inspire trainers of all ages to appreciate and learn about local PAX West pokemon species and maybe learn a few new battle strategies for herself. Keep your head above water to receive the Coastal Badge!


The Coastal Badge

Anthony and Erkenhelm the Grand Dukes of Kalos!


 When they heard about the Battle Chateau in Kalos, both Anthony and Erkenhelm decided to test their battle skills there. Anthony put together a team of Pokemon with raw physical power, while Erkenhelm chose his team from the most intelligent Pokemon he had. On their own they slowly made their way up the ranks of the Battle Chateau until they both reached the rank of Grand Duke. When they heard about the PAX Pokemon League they decided to combine their strength and intelligence to once again test their skills, this time as a team. Stop their strategies before they begin to claim the Nobility Badge!


The Nobility Badge

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