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Professor Pine and Charles the Rotation Master are back at West 2016!

Professor Pine the Pokemon Professor!


Professor Pine was an outstanding graduate from the Castelia University Pokemon Research department. After graduation, Pine traveled the world, studying alongside Professor Elm, Ivy, Oak, and Juniper before settling in to research Pokémon in the Pacific Northwest. Professor Pine does most of his research on Pokémon teamwork and cooperation. Despite his time spent doing research, Professor Pine is also an accomplished trainer, having collected many badges in his days of travel. If you end up facing him in a battle, Just be sure to expect the unexpected, and know you’re up against a rather knowledgeable opponent. Setup your own deadly combo to defeat Professor Pine and earn the Origins Badge!



Origins Badge

Charles the Rotation Master!


Three years ago the worlds eye was on the Kalos region. Charles, an experimental battler, saw this as an opportunity to show the world the wonders and joys of his newest creation: rotation battles! But before he could display anything, Charles was defeated by a wandering trainer. In an attempt to demonstrate rotation battles once again, Charles joined the the PAX Pokemon League of the East. Once again his dreams were dashed. Now he is back to show the world how incredible rotation battles can be and earn the Rotation Badge!


Rotation Badge

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