The Question of Organization

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The Question of Organization

Postby Elablet » Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:44 pm

Hey there comrades. Not really team building, but I guess I think of this as sort if the area of the forums relating to the technical or competitive aspects of the game.

Anyway, I started getting ready to transfer all my competitive Pokemon from Sun to Ultra Sun, which means I'm once again faced with the problem of how to organize my Pokemon, and I would really love to know, how do you do it? By types? By role (sweeper, wall, support)? By team? By egg groups?

I have a habit of over-breeding, meaning I might end up with as many as a dozen different variations of the same Pokemon, and I don't generally have specific standing pre-built teams. I'm getting to the point of at least 10 boxes or so of battle-ready Pokemon, so my organization system isn't very straight forward.
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Re: The Question of Organization

Postby kirby4life » Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:48 pm

In this gen, I have 6 Boxes full of "Battle Ready Pokémon". Physical sweepers, special sweepers, physical walls, and special walls have their own box. the other two are for janky sets. As for how I arrange the mons in the box, they are all by dex numbers. Just as an fyi, I still have 2 other boxes full of triple battle pokemon in case they ever bring that mode back. Hope this helped!!
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