PPL East is Looking for an Artist

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PPL East is Looking for an Artist

Postby Erkenhelm » Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:18 pm

As you all probably know, leader art is a big part of being a gym leader for PPL. East has gotten quite large and is too much for the people who usually help out to keep up with. After discussing potential options with last year's East gym leaders we have decided to look for someone who would be able to take on a paid commission.

We're planning to present a quote to our gym leaders once they are selected and try to collect the money to afford the commission. If we collect enough by the date you tell us you need to know, we will officially commission you.

Here are the details of what we need:

- We will have around 40-45 gym leaders/elites/champ and need an image for each
- The leader art is shoulders up. You can use last year's art for an example: http://paxpokemonleague.net/category/pp ... 7-leaders/
- Leaders will start to be revealed in March. We will post a few each day so not all will have to be done at once. We will get you a date we would like to start and how many per day, but we can be a bit flexible.

If you think you might be able to help us out, you can send me a PM here on the forums or reach me on Twitter @Erkenhelm and I can send you my email address in a PM.
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