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Re: East 2013 - Theme/Story Suggestion Time

Postby Quilliam » Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:09 pm

Zoroark173 wrote:
Quilliam wrote:More ideas: Each hunter could specialise in a stage 1 form of a pseudo-legendary. One hunter had deinos, another beldum, a third bagon, etc. They'd have a box of whichever pokemon they specialize in, and like I said before, I'd be willing to breed up competition quality mons to add a little incentive to the game for the more serious players out there.

By pseudo-legendary, I'm presuming you just mean OU-teired pokemon. I consider psuedo/fake legendarys to be things like Manaphy and Lucario

I won't be at East (I live on the West coast) but one idea I have it for the theme to be different aspects of the Pokemon games, which would be Catching, Training, Breeding, Fighting, Trading, and Stratagizing. Each of the E6 specializes in one of these, and their battle has a special clause to it (IE. for Catching, the E6 member and the challenger must go to rout XXX and catch a Pokemon there, then have a 1v1 battle with it)

A pseudo legendary is any pokemon with a Base Stat Total (BST) of 600 or more. Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross, etc are considered pseudo legendaries. Lucario, while certainly useful is not a pseudo, and the manaphy/jirachi/celebi/mew line has their own name but i don't remember what it is at the moment.
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Re: East 2013 - Theme/Story Suggestion Time

Postby nyankokimi » Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:21 am

Just FYI, we'll be deciding on the theme for East this Sunday! Keep the suggestions coming!
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Re: East 2013 - Theme/Story Suggestion Time

Postby Fraxure » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:00 pm

nyankokimi wrote:Just FYI, we'll be deciding on the theme for East this Sunday! Keep the suggestions coming!

What are the options being considered?
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Re: East 2013 - Theme/Story Suggestion Time

Postby Shade » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:11 pm

Fraxure wrote:
nyankokimi wrote:Just FYI, we'll be deciding on the theme for East this Sunday! Keep the suggestions coming!

What are the options being considered?

Everything posted here, presumably. So keep the comments rolling!
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Re: East 2013 - Theme/Story Suggestion Time

Postby SandstormS » Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:18 pm

Fraxure wrote:
nyankokimi wrote:Just FYI, we'll be deciding on the theme for East this Sunday! Keep the suggestions coming!

What are the options being considered?

i assume all of them. the feasible ones anyway.

as for the rival card adaptation to the stratosphere initiative, there are a number of ways it can go (some based on how well prime goes).

there is the obvious alignment approach where you get a card based one which team you pick. beat the opposing side x number of times get a special badge

another option would be you don't get to pick your side. you are a good guy and you are gunna like it. a handful of leaders can be part of strata (like koga, sabrina, and surge) and if you can find and beat them all you get a reward (probably another badge)

another thought i had was that we could essentially create two elite 4s. crazy i know but hear me out. if we have the league under siege (which seems to be the common idea here) we can have our large group of leaders. out of those leaders we can have a handful of strata operatives (again, like koga, surge and sabrina). it will be common knowledge which leader is an operative so there will be (hopefully) little confusion there. when an operative is beaten, a badge is handed over normally but when x number of operatives are beaten, the trainer can challenge the atmosfour (elite 4 number 2). beating them gets you a metallic badge as normal but on beating the last team, the trainer is awarded the maelstrom badge or something saying they have bested the baddies.

cut me a little slack on that last one, just occurred to me five minutes ago.
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Re: East 2013 - Theme/Story Suggestion Time

Postby Steven Stone » Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:57 pm

I would like to propose a type of territory wars.
With the events that are currently playing out, the story could be that a power vacuum was created, and as revolution spurns more revolution, different regions could fight for power.Along with the standard leaders, there would be Territory/Gang Leaders, of whom would be hailing from different geographical regions, with PAX East being the territory they are fighting over. Their teams could consist of Pokemon from that region, playing like Hiker Bill. For example, a Territory Leader from a Volcano region would have a Magcargo and a Magmortar and such (Here's looking at you, Heleor!)
It could provide some interesting opportunities for different Leader backstories, be it in the form of a malicious gang from the slums (poison/dark team?) or a military leader from a land in the sky trying to stake his claim on the ground (flying team?)

Instead of Rival Cards this time around, players would be assigned to one of the different territories/gangs, and would be encouraged to find players from one of the other groups, to challenge them. This could give the player what would feel like (and could very honestly be) a role in the story itself, as the winning player could collect a token of some sort from the losing (maxing out at three or so tokens per player, so one participant does not majorly tip the scales) and the territories could compete in real time. The teams could also be encouraged to meet up with the Leader (Or Leaders, if we go for a small number of Territories, with several Leaders hailing from a certain region) for what could be some very fun participation in the story, along with role play interaction with the Leaders. It would also allow a sense of camaraderie with one's team, while having some friendly competition with other players as everyone works to make sure their team wins, while also collecting badges. Players would also get to go home with tokens from different gangs, after they were all counted up at the end.
For difficulty tiers, if we have multiple Leaders from one Territory, they could be progressively higher ranked within the group themselves. Like, if their was a team from the sea, the more difficult challenge would be the Admiral of the Fleet or something, while someone easier might be a Captain, from the same Territory.
It would also explain it if previous Leaders who were affiliated with one of the Rocket teams can make it, as their Territory/Gang could very easily be integrated into the story as one of the competing bodies; which allows us to have continuity.

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