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Introducing the Champion of West 2017: Joker, the Phantom Thief!

Joker, the Phantom Thief


Upon reading the buzzwords ‘PAX West’ on an internet advertisement, Akira Kurusu (codename: Joker) found himself in the Metaverse of the PAX Pokémon League where the masks of his Personas had been turned into Pokemon. Determined to infiltrate the convention, Joker found himself scouring for clues in order to locate the Treasure, capture it, and return to his world. Will your encounter with Joker be one of fortune or one of ruin? Your fate is in the cards!

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Last Two Elites Revealed: Cyrus and Aku, the Dueling Brothers and Mr. Hawk, the High-Flying Professor!

Cyrus and Aku, the Dueling Brothers

 Born together but separated by their parents, these two brothers have reunited with Pokemon. To show their parents that genes don’t make the men, they are going work together and bring balance to the cosmos. After many challenges arose in their training . they finally settled on the prestigious coin flip to determine the team. Defeat the brothers and gain the Eclipse Emblem.

Eclipse Badge

Mr. Hawk, the High-Flying Professor

Mr. Hawk is an energetic educator at the Trainer School in Hao’oli. After the being soundly defeated by the Champion of Alola, Mr. Hawk decided to revisit and revise his entire repertoire of lessons to see what he could do to improve. Several days and a couple pots of coffee later he came to the conclusion that he would need to take a short sabbatical to brush up on battle style and to learn some new techniques. So with this goal in mind Mr. Hawk went off to join the Pax Pokemon League where he knew he would test other trainers and be tested himself.  SHOCK Mr. Hawk by paying attention in class so you can ROCK your exams and earn the Lesson Badge!

Lesson Badge

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Three Out of Five Elites Revealed: Damekage, the Pokemon Genetics Researcher, Erkenhelm the Wacky, Waving, Inflatable, Tubeman and Sans, The Judge of Karma

Damekage, the Pokemon Genetics Researcher

A Pokemon researcher from Kalos interested in how and why Pokemon evolve he found himself in Alola. There he found himself fascinated with how climates had changed the way some Pokemon had evolved. In doing that research he came across a Pokemon that seemed to sparkle in the light. This led to his research on why some Pokemon will rarely have a unique coloring to them and shine in the light. He is after the answer to the shiny Pokemon. Bring your unique Pokemon to challenge him and earn the Genetics Emblem.

Genetics Emblem

Erkenhelm the Wacky, Waving, Inflatable

Ever since he was young Erkenhelm loved wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tubemen. They were silly and fun to watch and he never tired of them. He also loved Pokemon and decided to combine those two things by putting together a team of Pokemon who loved to wave their bodies around just like the tubemen he enjoyed so much. When he heard about the PAX Pokemon League he gathered up his friends and set out to entertain challengers the same way he has been entertained for years: by being wacky! Defeat Erkenhelm and gain the Wacky Emblem!

Wacky Emblem


Sans, The Judge of Karma

Sans is a skeleton that’s very laid back to the point of laziness and loves puns and jokes, spending his days in the Underground being a sentry on the lookout for humans. Behind the goofy smile, however, lies a very dangerous monster that is equal parts intelligent and powerful. Be careful not to get on his bad side, or else you’re gonna have a bad time. If you have enough Determination to make it past his judgment, then he’ll let you pass with the Judgment Emblem in hand.

Judgement Emblem

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The last leader of PAX West 2017 Pokemon League is revealed: Pompto, the Photo Master!

Pompto, the Photo Master


Prompto loves to have fun, but he can get serious when it is needed. When serious, there is no better shot. He is flawless with his guns and camera when he tries. He’s decided to try his hand at the art of Pokemon phototography and wants to share that with you! Use your photography skills to try to snap up victory from Prompto and gain the Snap Badge!

Snap Badge

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Jose the Gem Warrior and Pending the TV Guide enters the Ring!

Jose the Gem Warrior

The magical guardians of the universe and Steven are here in Seattle to test your Pokemon Training skills! Prove your bonds of friendship with your Pokemon and earn the Gem Warrior badge!


Gem Warrior Badge


Pending the TV Guide

Check your watch… Whoa, look at that! Your calculator watch says 1999. That means it’s time to turn that hat backwards, bust out that yoyo, stick a cassette into that walkman, and get ready for a rad time, because we’re in the 90s! That’s right, it’s a Saturday in the 90s. This new game called Pokemon just came out, and we’re about to check it out while we watch some Saturday morning cartoons! Scheduled during the Pending timeslot – sit down, grab a can of Surge, and get ready to challenge Pending, the TV Guide! You’ll need to best the rad vibes of the 90s to overcome the TV guide! Defeat Pending and gain the TV Badge!

TV Badge

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Professor Pine, the Pokemon Professor and Lt. Surge, The Lightning American jump into West 2017!

Professor Pine, the Pokemon Professor

Professor Pine was an outstanding graduate from the Castelia University Pokemon Research department. After graduation, Pine traveled the world, studying alongside Professor Elm, Ivy, Oak, and Juniper before settling in to research Pokémon in the Pacific Northwest. Professor Pine does most of his research on Pokémon teamwork and cooperation. Despite his time spent doing research, Professor Pine is also an accomplished trainer, having collected many badges in his days of travel. If you end up facing him in a battle, Just be sure to expect the unexpected, and know you’re up against a rather knowledgeable opponent. Setup your own deadly combo to defeat Professor Pine and earn the Basics Badge!

Basics Badge


Lt. Surge, The Lightning American

Normally found hanging around his gym in Vermilion city, the Pokemon veteran Lt. Surge has decided to take some vacation time to the Alolan region. The beaches, as well as the newly found electric types of the region, recharged this seasoned leader, inspiring him to join up with the PAX Pokemon League here in Alola. Attempt to ground Lt Surge’s fast paced team and earn yourself the Thunder Badge!

Thunder Badge

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Kellogg, the Cereal Surprise and Emre, The Smash Leader join the fray!

Kellogg, the Cereal Surprise

 A surprise in every battle! Kellogg is ready to lay down some milky cool battles featuring your favorite cereal mascots! If you’re able to best the likes of Toucannon Sam reach into Kellogg’s cereal box and earn the Box Prize Badge!

Box Prize Badge


Emre, The Smash Leader

Emre like rock. Emre find big rocks and SMASH. Emre finds Pax Pokemon League. Emre finds Rock Pokemon. Emre SMASH Pax Pokemon League with big Rock Pokemon. Emre become Gym Leader and SMASH challengers. Smash Emre and gain the Smash Badge!

Smash Badge

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Keleesi, Mother of Pocketmonsters and Henry, the Dirt-Lovin’ Farm Manager arrive!

Keleesi, Mother of Pocketmonsters

Born into a broken family that betrayed their native lands Keleesi was banished at a young age. She traveled far and long in her exile, growing stronger with each Pokemon she accepted into her service. They are incredibly loyal and endeared to her, as she rescued many of them from abusive trainers that could not see their true potential. In uniting them she was able to return to her homeland, where she fights to prove that she is worthy of her place and to spread her ideas that all Pokemon are valuable. Defeat Keleesi and gain the Thrones Badge!

Thrones Badges

Henry, the Dirt-Lovin’ Farm Manager

Henry is the eighth of eleven siblings, and from an early age he had to shoulder his set of chores at his parents’ Frog Hollow Farm. He could barely contain himself during his 8th birthday when his mom gifted him a Torchic egg and his dad gifted him a Snivy egg to hatch. As a teen, Henry shouldered more responsibilities on the farm as he grew in strength and in smarts, and started learning the mechanics of Pokemon breeding. As an adult, Henry has fully taken over the farm from his parents, and bonded with his Pokemon, they’ve evolved together to manage the Orchards, Fields, and Barnyard in a challenging economy. He’s come to the Emerald City with his three teams in order to negotiate trade, sell at Pike Place Market, and while here, why not battle? Which team will YOU draw in this barn brawl of a one-on-one Pokemon battle? Defeat Henry and gain the Homestead Badge!

Homestead Badge

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Clyde, the Gym Guide and Tom Olive, the White Pokemon Ranger burst in!

Clyde the Gym Guide

Hopped up on the thrill of helping new trainers at the last PAX West, Clyde has decided to use his surprising amount of free time to visit the gyms in the PAX West region. That isn’t all though, since he will again have a badge of his own. Yo! Champ in the Making! outwit Clyde with your POKEMON knowledge to earn your very own Fresh Water Badge!

Freshwater Badge

Tom Olive, the White Pokemon Ranger

After months of preparation and planing, the Pokemon Rangers thought they had enough to take down the evil syndicate known as Team Rocket. A full on assault against one of their major hideouts was looking to be a success when Giovanni himself showed up with a mysterious new pokemon named Mewtwo. Tomy tried to end the battle quickly with all 7 of his Pokemon launching a combined attack against the unknown threat but its psychic powers where too great. It alone was enough to take out Tomy and his entire team. After suffering major casualties, Tomy left the Pokemon Rangers and closed his Gym in search of power. Power strong enough to take down Giovanni and Mewtwo once and for all. He has traveled across many regions and fought countless battles in order to learn and grow. Now hes back, stronger than ever and with a new team of friends. Dawning the colour white, he has re-opened his Gym in the Kanto Safari Zone and enlisted in the Pokemon Rangers once more. As he sharpens his skills by taking on challengers in his Gym, he patiently waits and plans his revenge on Giovanni and Mewtwo. Defeat Tom Olive and you’ll earn yourself the Morph Badge!


Morph Badge

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Rupi, the Great Fairy makes an entrance!

Rupi, the Great Fairy

 Needing a break from the rather dull life as a fairy, Rupi began looking for an adventure of her own. The fierce Pax Pokemon League proved energetic enough to get her attention and for a while, she watched. The courage to say challenge me, the wisdom to know what moved to use and when, and the strength to pull through the battle standing victor. The determination motivated Rupi not only to better herself, but to maybe instill those characteristics into others. For a year, she trained with her friends to have the same virtues as the league – and a little blond boy in a green tunic she once knew – so that maybe, she could experience the excitement of competition. Dazzle Rupi to earn yourself the Sparkle Badge!


Sparkle Badge

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