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The South 2017 Champion Revealed!

Roy G. Biv, the Colorful Character!

Roy G. Biv

They say that if you reach the end of a rainbow you’ll find a pot of gold, but what about the start of one? The legend goes that a dull-looking trainer named Roy was scaling the Tin Tower’s rooftops when he slipped on a loose shingle and began to fall. As he fell, he saw a vision of Ho-oh, the Rainbow Pokemon, and somehow landed on the leaf-covered path unharmed. When Roy looked around, he now saw the world in new hues that he never knew existed! It was in that instant that he knew that he would gather a colorful cast of Pokemon to join him on his journey to become the best trainer around. The legend then goes on to say that the start of a rainbow appears when Roy is having a heated battle with a challenger.

Defeat Roy to forge your own legend and enter the PAX Pokemon League Hall of Fame!

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The Elites are here! South 2017 Elite Six REVEALED!

Corporal Surge, the Static Soldier!

Corporal Surge

Growing up in Vermillion City, Surge’s love for electric type Pokemon started at an early age. Watching his father battle in the Vermillion Gym, he learned the skills, discipline, and strategies necessary to harness electric power. His father always wanted Surge to follow in his footsteps as a soldier. When he was old enough, Surge enlisted with his partner Magnemite. After graduating from the academy, Surge quickly rose through the ranks, showing of the prowess and discipline he cultivated in his youth. He one day hopes to surpass his father, who has been his biggest inspiration!

Drill your Pokemon in battle with Surge and earn the Storm Strike Emblem!


Emre, the Ice Ice Baby Leader!


Emre was born and raised in tropical Alola. Unable to take the warm weather, Emre always had his ice Pokemon around to keep him cool. His bond with ice types gave him a desire to become an ice master, and so Emre traveled the world to capture and raise the coldest Pokemon. He learned from many powerful ice type trainers including Pryce, Wulfric, and Candice. After many close calls with frostbite, Emre finally managed to gain control of the cold. Now he’s at South to prove himself as a master of ice Pokemon.

Withstand Emre’s chill to earn the Vanilla Emblem!


Dell, the Double Bladed Master!


After mastering every sword he picked up, Dell traveled the world in search of something greater. He discovered Pokémon. Pokemon that had sharp instincts and brute power that fought in ways that inspired him. These Pokémon could defend while attacking and attacked with power to crush defenses. They were dual wielders, and with this revelation, Dell vowed to never fight with only one sword again. Just like his new style, he only trained Pokémon capable of following and furthering his new philosophy. Soon after he became known as Double D the Dual Wielding Master, capable defeating any opponent.

Fend off his one-two attack to earn the Double D Emblem!


Clash, the Master of Combat!


Ever since he was a young boy, Clash has trained in the art of combat. With the help of his best friend Lucario and the mentoring of Elite Four member Bruno, he has mastered the martial arts, and the fighting type Pokemon that practice them. His Pokemon will deal an all-out pummeling, so be prepared to withstand the onslaught!

Show that the student can surpass the master and earn the Randori Emblem!


Chance Gamble, the Game Corner Exec!

Chance Gamble

Chance Gamble always takes advantage of an opportunity when the odds are in his favor. He rose to prominence through the ranks of Team Rocket by running their Celadon City Game corner. After achieving unprecedented profits, he was granted control of the Goldenrod Game Corner as well. After the fall of Team Rocket, Mr. Gamble skillfully avoided association with the disreputable gang and was granted full ownership of the Game Corners. He was even asked to manage the struggling Veilstone Game Corner by Team Galactic. Do you take your chances to try to beat The House or will you fall into Gamble’s Ruin?

Buy another spin to win the All-in Emblem!


Model 404, the Eliminator Android!

Model 404

In the not too distant future, the world has been devastated by the war between human Pokémon trainers and the machine Pokémon trainers. The Series P-800 Model 404 was built by the machines and sent back in time to eliminate rising Pokémon trainers in a bid to win the war before it begins. Wielding an arsenal of Steel-type Pokemon, Model 404 has come to San Antonio in 2017 to eliminate the challengers of the PAX Pokemon League!

Resist the rise of the machines to earn the Microprocessor Emblem!


Are you ready to meet and defeat the Elite? Stay tuned tomorrow for the Champion and more League activities!

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The Final Three South Gym Leaders! Matt, Pending, Sonny and Drizzle!

Bug Catcher Matt, the Popular Guy!

Bug Catcher Matt

As an aspiring young trainer, Matt wanted to become the a top tier trainer, but still use his favorite bug Pokemon friends in battle. On the advice of a trainer in the Petalburg Woods, Matt took his beloved bug Pokemon to the Trainer School. Likable and friendly, he became instantly popular, and his newfound popularity even rubbed off on the often maligned bug Pokemon! Years later, Matt and those bugs are in top form, and the talk of the town!

You couldn’t hope to defeat him in a popularity contest, but beat Matt and his bugs in a battle to claim the Net Badge!


Pending, the Quarterfinalist!


Years in the triple battle arena scene has wiped away Pending’s old name, he is now known only by the placeholder he wrote on his first entry form. More recently, a disappointing early knockout of his Keldeo resulted in a 7th place quarterfinal finish at the Hoenn Arena championships. Pending realized he was only looking at moves and type of a Pokemon, rather than applying tactics that matched the way his Pokemon naturally moved. Pending went back to training, focusing solely on refining strategies that would maximize the effectiveness of his faithful four-legged pokemon.

Withstand a triple stampede of quadrupeds and you’ll earn the Pending Badge!


Sonny and Drizzle, The Weatherguys!

Sonny and Drizzle

Veteran weathermen, Sonny and Drizzle are known for their intense field work. Through vigorous work and study, Sonny and Drizzle have introduced Pokemon not native to their home region of Hoenn into the local climes. Even though Sonny shines in battles in hot conditions, and Drizzle gets on swimmingly in wetter weather, they have developed a special synergy in in the right situations. Now they’ve come to PAX South with a new forecast: the winds of battle are blowing!

Challengers will have to prepare for the storm or face the heat to earn the Meteorology Badge!

That’s all our Gym Leaders, tomorrow: the Elite Six!

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Step Into the Ring with More South Gym Leaders! Jaird, Lloye, El Sol and Luna!

Jaird, the Energies Master!


Years of study of the mind had grown dull; every avenue of research had lead only to resistance or an endless circuit. What secrets of the universe lay just out of his grasp, out of his mind’s eye? Dr. Jaird, renowned psychiatrist and Pokémon trainer, took a leave of absence, a soul search, to refresh his interests. What he found across the regions opened his eyes to so much: ENERGY; the world, both human and Pokémon contained such a capacity for energy! From evolution, attacks, and even relationships, such a flow of underlying energy tying everything together. Invigorated, Jaird returns to study what he considers the purest forms of energy, that of the mind and that of electricity!

Cut his flow to obtain the Ohm Badge!


Lloye, the Breath of Fresh Air!


Do you hear a voice on the wind? Lloye is the famous performer known for his duets with Pokemon! His success is attributed in part to his legion of flying Pokemon that both fly him from event to event, and perform alongside him! It’s said that if you listen hard enough to the wind on a quiet night, you can always hear the song of his Pokemon. Now he’s brought his show to PAX South! Will you be able to out-perform Lloye, or will the audience be left begging for an encore?

Leave him winded to claim the Breath-Control Badge!


El Sol and Luna, the Fighting Spirits!

El Sol and Luna

The man known only to others as El Sol runs one of the oldest Fighting Type gyms in the South. He values hard work and respects the effort put forth by those that challenge him. Unfortunately, his successor, his daughter Luna, doesn’t share the same beliefs. She’s young and has little interest in hard work, practice, or Fighting Type Pokemon. She’d rather spend the day being spirited away by her Ghost Pokemon friends. Can the two opposites battle together and see eye to eye?

Are you a worthy enough to wake their Fighting Spirits and earn the Soul Fist Badge?


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Money, Lore, and Honor! More South Leaders Revealed!

Jozak, the Shiny Cultivator!

Jozak is a specialty Pokemon breeder who works in Lumiose City. He has made a name for himself as the Shiny Cultivator, selling his rare-hued Pokemon to the wealthy of Lumiose at top dollar. With funding from his lucrative business, he runs a combination Nursery and Gym outside of Lumiose. Now Jozak’s come to PAX South to flaunt his cash and rare shiny Pokemon. Too proud to admit defeat, rumor has it he will protect his and his Pokemon’s honor by attempting to bribe anyone he loses to!

Burn up Jozak’s passion for shiny Pokemon to earn the Luminosity Badge!


Roku, the Retired Lorekeeper!

In the heart of Meteor Falls, a mythical safe haven known as the Dragon’s Stair can be found, a place where dragon-type Pokemon can freely rampage without the interference of the modern world. Roku, the lorekeeper prior to Zinnia, is the only human who has ever gone to the Dragon’s Stair and returned alive. After 10 years training in this mythical region, with nothing but his Flygon by his side, he returned and retired as lorekeeper to seek out worthy opponents. His search now takes him to PAX South, where he will test your honor with his ruthless Dragon-Type Pokémon.

Earn the respect of this retired lorekeeper and obtain the Blitz Badge!


Alanna, the Lioness!

AllanaTrading places with her twin brother Thom, Alanna traveled to the city of Corus to become a knight. She spent her formative years disguised as a boy to earn her shield. Using her strength, her wit, and her magic alongside her fiery Pokemon companions, she became the first lady knight of the realm in centuries. Now she’s traveled to PAX South to test her strength against the trainers from other lands.

If you can take the heat, go toe to toe with the Lioness, and come out on top, you’ll be rewarded with the Gift Badge!


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Three more South Gym Leaders Unveiled! Alfred, Seth, and Robin!

Alfred Jarvis, the Fossil Pokemon Master!


The land before time was a primordial land, a land without a need for culture, words, or civilization. This was the land of the Prehistoric Pokemon. They are the pinnacle of their time, Arceus’ first creations. Though most have been forgotten by time, cutting edge science has revived some of them, reminding us all of a time when these mighty beasts roamed the world. Alfred Jarvis, a modern fossil expert, is willing to demonstrate their abilities to any who challenge him, and rewards those who show strength and toughness in the face of primordial power.

Take a trip to the past and earn the Paleo Badge!


Seth, the Sunny Day Knight!


Praise the Sun! This is the motto that Seth the Sunny Day Knight lives by. The sun is a source of immense power, and, for those who can control it, serves as a powerful ally. Seth and his beloved Pokémon, through years of training, have harnessed the power of sunlight. They wield it to defend the realm of Pokémon from any who would do it harm. They’ve traveled the world from Kanto to Kalos, offering their aid to fellow trainers in need. This year, the Sunny Day Knight’s travels will bring him to PAX South. Their challenge is not for the faint of heart, for as long as the sun shines down on Seth and his Pokémon, they cannot be defeated!

Prove yourself worthy and commemorate your victory with the Sol Badge!


Robin, the Corrupt Tactician!


Chrom fell, the avatar faltered, and Grima’s return is all but assured! Challengers get one more chance to save the realm from all-consuming darkness by defeating this shade of a tactician. Can you match wits with the best Fire Emblem has to offer?

Shed some light on the oncoming darkness to earn yourself the Grimleal badge!


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Another Three South Leaders Appear! Yazmina, Coal, and Arrow!

Yazmina, the Witch in the Woods!


Yazmina originally came from the affluent Chandrafelle family. However, after discovering an obsession with the supernatural, she moved to a little cottage in Eterna Forest. In the deep woods, she communed with and befriended the Pokemon who lived there, preferring their company to the people she left behind. Her partner Litwick acts as her lantern as she travels the woods, visiting her new friends and aiding any Pokemon who have lost their way. Beware, should you find yourself lost in Eterna, for it is said the local ghosts are growing stronger and do not take kindly to outsiders.

Try not to get spooked by her frightening forest dwellers if you want to earn the Hollow Badge!


Coal, the Spark that Starts the Flame!


Coal knew that he always wanted to be a fire Pokemon trainer, but he never burned bright and passionate, like his former Team Flare mentor Malva. Alongside his trusty and long-time friend Talonflame, Coal journeyed far, and learned everything he could from Fire Pokemon experts around the world. Under the guidance from famous fire masters such as Blaine, Flannery, and Flint, he found himself enjoying the thrill of the challenge, but the love for the Pokemon always burned brighter in his heart. Now making his gym leader debut at PAX South, Coal is ready to leave his mark as an accomplished fire master.

Battle with a burning passion for Pokemon and earn the Candle Badge!


Arrow, the On Point Vigilante!


My name is Oliver Queen. For five years, I was stranded on the Orange Islands with one goal in mind: Be the best that no one ever was. I have come home with one goal in mind: save Unova. I’m Oliver Queen. To the rest of Unova, I’m someone else. I am something else.

Be the one to take down this vigilante and earn the Arrow Badge!


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Three More South Gym Leaders take the stage! Daeny Fay, Tabitha, and Brankster!

Daeny Fay, the Storyteller!

Daeny Fae

Growing up in Blackthorn City, Daeny just couldn’t seem to fit in. The older children, who all hoped to become Dragon Masters like their idols Lance and Clair, taunted her and her Eevee, saying she was too soft and naive to ever be a real Pokemon trainer. So she spent her days alone in the forest cuddling with her Eevee reading stories of princes and princesses chasing dragons and hunting ghosts. One day, as Daeny suffered more bullying from the older dragon trainers, her Eevee evolved into Sylveon and defended her. That day, they left Blackthorn City to begin a journey. Daeny wanted to prove to the world that being sweet didn’t mean you couldn’t fight, and that cuteness could actually be a very dangerous weapon indeed. Now she’s heading to PAX South, wanting to share with others her very own fairy tale!

Tell your tale in battle with Daeny to earn the Storybook Badge!


Tabitha, the Loyal Admin!


Since the defeat of Team Magma during the Delta Event in Hoenn, their leader Maxie has been searching for alternative ways to increase territory for humans and Pokemon on the land. After hearing of an abnormally long drought in the San Antonio area, Maxie dispatched Tabitha to investigate a possible recurrence of Groudon. However, upon arriving, Tabitha noticed the large gathering of trainers and decided to do some thorough investigations through battle!

Best this Magma admin at his own game to win the Magma Badge!


Brankster, The Charged Capacitor


Brankster was always an adventurous young boy, and roaming clumsily into strange places was his specialty. One day he found himself lost in the depths of Chargestone Cave. Too scared to move, he hid from the discharged waves of the rocks and dangerous Pokemon. When hiding in a corner he was approached by a small Joltik, which crawled up his arm and sat on his shoulder in a comforting manner. This gave Brankster the confidence to rise from his hiding spot and explore more of the cave while searching for an exit. The Joltik and Brankster became the best of friends, and it sparked an interest in Brankster to seek out more electric-type pokemon. Soon, he realized the discharged waves weren’t so scary after all. You can try to break Brankster’s circuit but his Pokemon are not so easily grounded!

Put up some strong resistance to earn the Discharge Badge!


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PAX South 2017 Gym Leader reveals begin! Jen and Sam!

Jen, the Museum Intern!

Jen the Intern

After accepting the coveted position of Collections Intern at Nacrene Museum, Jen threw herself fully into her work. One day, however, as she was studying a new artifact, she heard something shuffling around in the shadows. When she approached to investigate, a Yamask jumped out from between the boxes, stowed away in the last shipment. It was then she realized that many ghosts were living inside the various artifacts! Soon she was surrounded by the mischievous Pokemon eager to help with her studies. After months of research and preparation, she’s traveled to PAX South with her new ‘exhibit’ of artifact ghosts.

Show your knowledge of historical artifacts or battle to win yourself the Collections Badge!


Sam, the Tricky Desert Terror!


Sam was born and raised in a town at the base of a mountain range, and at the edge of a huge desert. As a youth, he joined the Camp Scouts and spent a lot of time exploring the wilderness. On a mountain trail, he befriended his first Pokemon, a Larvitar, and learned how the Pokemon in these harsh environments survived: teamwork. With the local Pokemon, he developed strategies utilizing multiple Pokemon working together on the field. When he turned, 18 Sam decided to travel the world, meet new trainers, and see how his team stood up. Sam’s long journey has taken him to PAX South.

Shake up his team in a triple battle to earn the Sandstorm Badge!


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