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The Hall of Fame for the PAX Pokemon League East 2017!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

(Note: we had some trouble collecting teams this year, and not everybody got the link to the Hall of Fame survey. So this year’s results are incomplete, and some team names may be mixed up/missing nicknames/details. We’re really sorry about that! Champs, if you’d like to get your teams corrected, send us an email at paxpokemonleague at gmail, or leave a comment on this post, and we’ll get things sorted out!)

League Champion: Marcus

“Electivire” “Garchomp” “Persian”
“Tsareena” “Ninetales” “Scizor”


League Champion: Pending

“Tapu Koko” “Gengar” “Conkeldurr”
“Metagross” “Ferrothorn” “Gliscor”


League Champion: Nola

“Incineroar” “Meganium” “Raichu”
“Cresselia” “Lapras” “Pinsir”


League Champion: Scott

“Golisopod” “Nidoking” “Espeon”
“Togekiss” “Arcanine” “Tyrantrum”


League Champion: SandstormS

“Eelektross” “Skarmory” “Venusaur”
“Infernape” “Mismagius” “Volcarona”


League Champion: Chris

“Venusaur” “Leafeon” “Mismagius”
“Jolteon” “Metagross” “Gardevoir”


League Champion: ksu

“Rotom-Wash” “Pinsir” “Landorus-Therian”
“Scizor” “Azumarill” “Gardevoir”


League Champion: Ramon

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Chris

“Gliscor” “Salamence” “Emolga”
“Mantine” “Staraptor” “Decidueye”


League Champion: Epitaph

“Mag” “Echo” “Hymn”
“Decidueye” “Mimikyu”


League Champion: Sam

“Salamence” “Ferrothorn” “Rotom-Wash”
“Galvantula” “Scizor” “Tapu Koko”


League Champion: Alex

“Kangaskhan” “Gengar” “Porygon2”
“Heatran” “Gliscor” “Tapu Lele”


League Champion: Ken

“Karlyn” “Bernie” “Urza”
“Elizabeth I” “Kid Buu” “Minsc”


League Champion: Kitsoon

“Hero” “Desmini” “Onca”
“Argentum” “Decidueye” “Bayss”


League Champion: Brad

“Tapu Koko” “Scizor” “Pelipper”
“Marowak” “Raichu” “Kingdra”


League Champion: Maryanne

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Alex

“Salazzle” “Mudsdale” “Incineroar”
“Toxapex” “Mimikyu” “Vikavolt”


League Champion: Henry

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Wolf

“Chambers” “Beta” “Tyran”
“Icarus” “Shade” “Gaige”


League Champion: Toyou321

“Big_Blue” “Nina” “Arc”
“Sally” “Magnito” “Mandi”


League Champion: Scott

“Gengar” “Garchomp” “Tyranitar”
“Klefki” “Starmie” “Scizor”


Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally (there are several of you who we did not get hall of fame entries for!) or something’s wrong (I think a few of teams got mixed up), leave a comment or send an email to paxpokemonleague at gmail dot com! I (Propriety) will fix it! SERIOUSLY please let me know!
Thank you for Playing! This is East 2017’s Final Post!

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Introducing the Four Horsemen of the PAX Pokemon League!

Alexander has assembled a group of trainers and is calling out the Challengers of the PAX Pokémon League. Check out his message and find out how you can prove your excellence in battle!

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Your Champion: Oceanus, the Beach-bum Professor!

Oceanus, the Beach-bum Professor!


Strategy: Lull you into a sense of false security, then watch you fight the undertow
Trainer’s Pokémon: The reasons you don’t go past knee deep water
Trainer’s message: When it comes down to it, are you willing to take on the world’s most powerful water Pokemon master?

Defeat the champion to earn your spot on the PAX Pokemon League Hall of Fame!

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Elite 8: Becker, the Bug-stashing Steward, Volcanus, the Fire Mage, Anthony, the Mad Hatter, and Guzma, Destruction in its Human form!

Becker, the Bug-stashing Steward!


Strategy: To train my Pokemon secretly while the sailors are onshore, and keep them hidden while everyone’s here!
Trainer’s Pokemon: Six Bug-type Pokemon from the Melemele Island coastline who wandered onto my ship one day.
Trainer’s Message: My Pokemon have a knack for cooking and cleaning the ship, but also for battling! Don’t underestimate me just because I’m not a sailor!

The Steward's Emblem (Becker)

Show Becker how well you and your Pokemon work together to earn the Steward’s Emblem!

Volcanus, the Fire Mage!


Strategy: Magic so good that it burns.
Trainer’s Pokémon: The hottest magicians.
Trainer’s Message: Creating a big blaze from a tiny ember, that’s magic!

The Incindio Emblem (Volcanus)

Outfox the display of magic to earn the Incindio badge

Anthony, the Mad Hatter!


Strategy: The Best Defense is a Good Offense!
Trainer’s Pokemon: Uses many Pokemon that resemble creatures of Wonderland
Trainer’s Message: Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?

The Insanity Emblem (Anthony)

Conquer the Mad Tea Party and earn The Insanity Badge!

Guzma, Destruction in its Human form!


Strategy: “You’re gonna bug out once you realize there ain’t no strategy that’s gonna help you win!”
Trainers Pokemon: “Strong Pokemon like these are only found in the darkest of places!”
Trainers Message: “Give it up, chump! Ain’t no one ever gonna beat your boy Guzma! I’ll come at you with my full strength!!!”

The Team Skull Takeover Emblem (Guzma)

Show me what you can do, and maybe I’ll let you join my squad with a Team Skull Takeover Emblem!

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Elite 8: Surge, the Vivid Storm, Rajil, The Traveler’s Guardian, Red, the Battle Legend, and Mike, the Unbearable Pokemaniac!

Surge, the Vivid Storm!


Strategy: A plan will get you further than just brute force.
Trainer’s Pokemon: They may look cute but they can clash with the very best!
Trainer’s Message: A new rival? This’ll be fun!

The Contrast Emblem (Surge)

Conquer the storm and obtain The Contrast Badge!

Rajil, the Traveler’s Guardian!


Strategy: My Party of 6 each have their own important role to fulfill!
Favorite Pokemon: My Pokemon were chosen by the traveler to protect all from the Darkness!
Trainer Message: I am the Guardian of the Traveler, Protector of Light, do you have what it takes?!

The Destiny Emblem New (Rajil)

 Forged using artifacts from the traveler itself, prove yourself worthy to obtain such power to earn the Destiny Emblem!

Red, the Battle Legend!


Strategy: ….
Trainer’s Pokemon: …
Trainers Message: …

The 1996 Emblem (Red)


Mike, the Unbearable Pokemaniac!


Strategy: To show the competition that teddy bears aren’t all cuddly!
Trainer’s Pokemon: My Pokemon and I love to hibernate after a long battle.
Trainer’s Message: Think you’re smarter than the average bear? It’s entirely Pawsible you’re wrong!

The Panda Emblem (Mike)

Push through the bearricade to earn yourself the Panda Badge!

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Trainer Cards, Raffle Prizes, Meetup Times, and Pronoun Pins!!!

PAX East is fast approaching, so we have lots of news for you!

First, as always, we’ll be having meetups in the Handheld Lounge!

Friday, 2:00 PM
Saturday, 2:00 PM
Sunday, 3:00 PM

If you’re looking for lots of gym leaders to battle, meetups are a great place for that!

Also, this year, we’re all about Pokemon Sun and Moon, and so we’ll be bringing a little slice of Alola to you! Be on the lookout for gym leaders in their scarves, as per usual, but also get ready to participate in our very own Island Challenge!

First, when you battle your first gym leader, you’ll be given your very own Trainer Passport!


Many gym leaders are also Trial Captains this year! Ask them how you can complete their trial. If you complete their trial, they’ll sign off on the back of your passport. Collect eight signatures, bring them to our table in the Diversity Lounge, and you’ll earn a Raffle Ticket! (There’s a Trial for you at the Diversity Lounge table too. 😉 The only other way to earn a Raffle Ticket is by beating the Champion! So make sure you’re completing lots of trials.

Raffle times are as follows:

Friday, 5:00 PM in the Diversity Lounge
Saturday, 5:00 PM in the Diversity Lounge
Sunday, 7:00 PM in the Westin Lobby (after PAX is over, at the Champion Showcase)

What can you earn with a Raffle Ticket? Take a look at just some of our FABULOUS PRIZES!

PlushesGym Leader TeeKeychains and Cool Things Pika Hat
You can only use your Raffle ticket once, and not all Prizes will be available every day, so stop by the table and find out if you want to enter for that day!

Lastly, our Diversity Lounge table will also be stocked with these Cosmog Pronoun Pins! Let people know what pronouns you use and remind them that one of any number of extremely powerful legendary Pokemon may slumber inside of you!!!

We’ll give you a pronoun pin of your choice if you donate or spend any amount of money at any of the other booths in the Diversity Lounge! (For example, our good friends at AbleGamers!) Help us support our Diversity Lounge neighbors! Pronoun Pins


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Leaders: Will and Paul, the Differing Double Battlers, Morty, the Mystic Seer of the Future, and Commander Shepard, the First Human Spectre!

Will and Paul, the Differing Double Battlers!


Strategy: Use the different forms of the same Pokemon to confuse our challengers!
Trainer’s Pokemon: Kanto Pokemon and their Alolan counterparts!
Trainer’s Message: Can you work together with a friend or an unknown trainer to defeat the doubles pair?

The Forms Badge (Will and Paul)

Show Will and Paul the differences in your skills to earn the Form Badge!

Morty, the Mystic Seer of the Future!


Strategy: Illusions, trickery, and misdirection.
Pokémon: Specters and spooks from across the globe
Trainer’s Message: Ghosts can be cute, scary, or mysterious and should never be underestimated!

The Fog Badge (Morty)

Find your way through the fog of battle and receive the Fog Badge!

Commander Shepard, the First Human Spectre!


Strategy: Unite the galaxy and fight the odds.
Trainer’s Pokémon: I have assembled a team of the galaxy’s most elite soldiers, mercenaries, assassins and biotics.
Trainer’s Message: I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel.

The Paragon Badge (Commander Shepard)

Achieve victory despite all odds to earn the Paragon Badge!


The Renegade Badge (Commander Shepard)

Complete the mission, no matter the consequences to claim the Renegade Badge!

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Leaders: Trashman, the Trash Lord, Ruby and Sapphire, the Crystal Gems, Demios, the Leader of the Purgatory Knights, and Jacob Garvey, the Minuteman General!

Trashman, the Trash Lord!


Strategy:I throw trash all over the field.
Trainer’s Pokemon:The most trashtastic Pokemon this side of the landfill.
Trainer’s Message:I’m the Trashman, Lord of trash. You can’t outtrash me no matter what because trash always wins. Upon my mighty throne of garbage I trash opponents.

The Trash Badge (Trashman)

Trash Trashman to get the Trash Badge!

Ruby and Sapphire, the Crystal Gems!


Strategy: Go ahead and try and beat us if you’re able!
Trainer’s Pokémon (Ruby): Fury: Fire, Fighting, Fairy types!
Trainer’s Pokemon (Sapphire): Patience: Ice, Psychic, and Fairy types.
Trainer’s Message: We are made of love!

The Garnet Badge (Ruby and Sapphire)

Show you have the strength of a true Crystal Gem to earn the Garnet Badge!

Demios, the Leader of the Purgatory Knights!


Strategy: I will fight united with my knights until the very end
Trainer’s Pokémon: I have trained my Pokemon to protect the world as part of my Knight’s Order.
Trainer’s Message: This is the will of Purgatory!

The Purgatory Badge (Demios)

If you can show me your strength and determination you will earn The Purgatory Badge!

Jacob Garvey, the Minuteman General!


Trainer’s Pokémon: The resilient mutants of the wasteland.
Trainer Strategy: Use the strength of the Wasteland against the spirits of the trainers.
Trainer’s Message: After taking on my father’s role as leader of the Minuteman, I learned of Pax and came to test the strength of the trainers against the resilience of the Wasteland to see which would conquer the other.

The Bottlecap Badge (Jacob Garvey)

Lay waste to my mutants and earn the Bottlecap Badge!

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Leaders: Bruce Wayne, the Perplexing Philanthropist, Professor Burnet, the Dimensions Researcher, Kai, the Motivational Cheer Captain, and Glenn Waylon, the Intrepid Geologist!

Bruce Wayne, the Perplexing Philanthropist!


Strategy: The best strategy is knowing your opponent’s strategy better than them.
Trainer’s Pokémon: A family of Pokémon in a league of their own.
Trainer’s Message: “I’m never too busy to to battle. Wayne Industries technology has allowed me to train the toughest Pokémon in Gotham!”

The Gotham Badge (Bruce Wayne)

Best the billionaire to receive the heart and soul of the city, the Gotham Badge!

Professor Burnet, the Dimensions Researcher!


Strategy: My Pokémon have the power to manipulate space and dimensions, shatter minds, and twist the battle to their favor!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My Pokémon are out of this world!
Trainer’s Message: We’ve recorded several known relationships between Pokémon and different dimensions.

The Dimensions Badge (Professor Burnet)

Overcome their otherworldly powers to come out on top and earn the Dimensions Badge!

Kai, the Motivational Cheer Captain!


Strategy: Inspire and overwhelm with dancing moves!
Trainer’s Pokemon: My Oricorio are the ultimate cheer squad!
Trainer’s Message: Nothing like some dancing and a Pokemon battle to stoke your passions and get you fired up for success!

The Cheer Badge (Kai)

Do your Pokemon have the spirit and the coordination necessary to earn the Cheer badge?

Glenn Waylon, the Intrepid Geologist!


Strategy: Overwhelm and outlast all with the tenacity and ferocity of seismic strength!
Trainer’s Pokemon: My Pokemon embody the land itself; from the sands and shale to the mountains and shadowed depths.
Trainer’s Message: Remain undaunted and resolute in the face of all adversity and hardship. That fearlessness is to key to all discoveries, both within and without.

The Seismic Badge (Glenn Waylon)

Prove your will and spirit can bear the weight of the land to lay claim to the Seismic Badge!

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Leaders: Mei, the Frozen Climatologist, Hylia, Goddess of Hyrule, and Drak, the Dragon Rider Extroardinaire!

Mei, the Frozen Climatologist!


Strategy: Freeze my enemies where they stand!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My pokemon help me chill out after an long day at work!
Trainer’s Message: Get ready for a flurry!

The Blizzard Badge (Mei)

Melt away Mei’s defenses and win the a-MEI-zing Blizzard Badge!

Hylia, Goddess of Hyrule!


Strategy: Power, wisdom, courage.
Trainer’s Pokemon: They exist in Hylian legends…
Trainer’s Message: May the way of the Trainer lead to the Champion.

The Triforce Badge (Hylia)

Complete Her Grace’s trial of battle to be blessed with the Triforce Badge!

Drak, the Dragon Rider Extroardinaire!


Strategy: To ride past the competition
Trainers Pokémon: Dragons that have the ability to ride as one both land and sky.
Trainer Message: I will teach you how to truly train your dragons.

The DrakerRider Badge (Drak)

Ride past the mighty dragons to obtain the DrakerRider Badge!

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