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Vi the Electrifying Princess and Gonzo the Psychicdelic Hippie enter PPL West 2016!

Vi the Electrifying Princess



 Vi was once sealed away under water in the oceans of Hoenn. She emerged last East, but she was locked away for a reason, everyone thought it was for her own protection, but it’s actually for the protection of everyone around her. Vi brings incredible strength, but strength towards destruction. After emerging from the ocean at PAX East, now she brings countless and endless thunderstorms to all of the land. Nothing will stand in her way. Call upon the sun if you lust for the Calm of the Storm Badge .


Calm of the Storm Badge 

Gonzo the Psychicdelic Hippie


Gonzo, a far out trainer from the Kalos region, has been traveling through different regions exploring them and what they have to offer. In his travels, he came across psychic type Pokemon and became extremely fascinated with them. From then on his travels have consisted of him collecting more psychic Pokemon, meditating with those Pokemon, and battling to grow closer to them. Because of his fascination with the powers of his Pokemon he obtained the title of the Psychicdelic Hippie. You will have to send some pretty dark vibes his way to obtain yourself the Psychicdelic Badge.

Gonzo_bevelThe Psychicdelic Badge

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Two more Leaders! Thomas and Clyde!

Thomas the Solo Fighter!


After spending many unfulfilling years as a software programmer for the of the Devon Corporation in Hoenn, a freak accident with a new invention convinced Thomas that the world as he knew it was a simulation. He quit his job and set out to find the strongest Pokemon, hoping to one day to battle his way out of the simulated world. Although you’ll only need to defeat a single Pokemon to win, he will choose randomly between six strong Fighting types, so be ready for anything!
Show Thomas he’s not “The One” to earn the Neo Badge!


The Neo Badge

Clyde the Gym Guide!


Clyde has spent the last several years under the employ of several local gym leaders, giving challengers tips and strategies to help them in their journey toward being the next Pokemon champion. Seeming to have a lot of free time, and a healthy travel budget, he always seems to be right where he is needed to give that one crucial tip to defeat the latest challenge. This year, he has decided to try his had at being a gym leader himself, using his knowledge of journeys past to test a new generation of trainer’s skill. Take him down with your knowledge of the POKEMON world and you’ll receive the Fresh Water Badge!


The Fresh Water Badge

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The First Two Leaders Revealed for PAX West 2016! Annie and Milo Thatch!

Annie the Child of Darkness!


 Wanna play? Tibbers and I are always looking for someone new to be our friend. Our last playmate wasn’t fire proof. I want a turn to make you burn! Dodge the flames and win the Playtime Badge!!


Playtime Badge

Milo Thatch the Gibberish Expert!


Upon returning from Atlantis Milo got back to what he loved most (other than Kida), translating dead languages. While deep in one of his study sessions, Mr. Whitmore stopped by and dropped a new journal on his desk. This journal contained a language that Milo had never seen before and this made him as excited as a small child at Christmas. When he asked Mr. Whitmore where he found this journal, he replied that he received it from a friend in Johto who has been spending a lot of time in the Ruins of the Alph. This friend needed an expert in gibberish to help him solve the ancient mysteries of the site and so Milo, with a barely contained grin, made his way to Seattle where another submarine was prepared to take him to a whole new world.
Milo comes from the depths of Atlantis. Come prepared to swim through the ocean and clear away some rocky ruins to make headway to win the Shepard Badge!


 The Shepard Badge


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