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The Hall of Fame for the PAX Pokemon League West 2016!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

(Hover over Pokemon for Nicknames if any! Some Champions may not have teams posted.)

League Champion: Alex!



League Champion: Jonathan!



League Champion: Evan!


League Champion: Rashe!


League Champion: Emre!



League Champion: Chris!


 s-aegislashskarmory empoleon ferrothorn heatranmetagross-mega

League Champion: Sam!


League Champion: Ryan!



League Champion: Blaine!



League Champion: Patrick!



League Champion: David!


League Champion: M. Tatrin!



League Champion: Steven!


League Champion: damekage!



s-tentacruelscolipede kecleon lanturn vivillon-monsoon lopunny

League Champion: Kendahl!


League Champion: Ehx!


League Champion: Skurk!


Thank you to all our champions and those who participated!



 We can’t wait to be back at PAX West next year!



 This will be the last post of for PPL West 2016. If you were a champion who’s team did not get included please email us at


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Introducing our Champion of the Evil League of Evil: Dr.Horrible!!!

Our Champion: 

Dr.Horrible, PhD in Horribleness!


 After becoming a member of the Evil League of Evil, Dr. Horrible has come to rule the PAX Pokemon League. Can you knock him off his pedestal and win the PAX Pokemon League West 2016?!

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Some quick thank yous!

Our Artist: CypressPhoenix!


All of the leader portraits you see this year for the PAX Pokemon League at PAX West 2016 (and 2015!) were done by our wonderful artist Lilia! (CypressPhoenix)

Follow her tumblr for commision information and her artwork:

We’d also like to thank:


Who helped us print out our trainer cards this year which help all our challengers navigate the PPL with ease. Thanks so much!

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The Last Three Elites are Revealed: Cupcake Capone, Evans, and Travis Touchdown!

Cupcake Capone the Fairy Godfather!


At the center of the most prominent crime family of the Kalos region sits “Cupcake” Capone, the fairy godfather. Rising to notoriety by defeating some of the most dangerous and fearsome crime bosses in battle, Capone’s distinct use of fairy types quickly trumped the dark type Pokemon commonly used by other crime bosses and earned him the moniker “Fairy Godfather.” Make him an offer he can’t refuse to take the Wish Badge!


The Wish Badge

Evans the Paranormal Professional!


When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Evans, the Pokemon Ghostbuster! Using the latest in patented Ghostbusting tech, he’s locked up all sorts of monsters, sprites and spooks troubling Kanto. But now, if you want his badge, you’ll have to face them all! Show Evans you ain’t afraid a no ghost to earn the Buster Badge!


The Buster Badge!

Travis Touchdown, the Crownless King!


Shortly after the assassination of his best friend Bishop at the hands of Jasper Batt. Jr and the ensuing revenge, Travis receives an unmarked envelope slid under his door with only the following inside:
“Jasper made an excellent puppet.
Just like you.”
After three years of tracking down ‘D.H.’ to the PPL, Travis returns to climb the ranks of the PPL in search of the real man responsible for his friend’s death and is prepared to strike down anyone in his way. Emerge as the last man standing to earn the Deathmatch Badge!


The Deathmatch Badge!

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Three Elites Revealed! Benedict, Chara and PAL 9000!

Benedict the Steampunk Fortune Teller!


Benedict is master of his own fate. While he uses his cards to guide him and provide clarity, he knows the future is not set in stone but rather a complex machine made countless gears and cogs. This year the cards have lead The Steam Punk Fortune Teller to PAX West and into the PPL. Can you master your own fate and defeat Benedict to earn the Scrying Emblem?



The Scrying Emblem

Chara the Fallen Child!


Chara was the first child to fall into the land of monsters after they escaped the rest of humanity. Chara lived quite happily in the underground but their hatred of humanity was always in the back of their mind. Challenge Chara to save humanity or die trying. Stay determined and win the No Mercy Emblem!



The No Mercy Emblem

PAL 9000 the Pokeprogrammed ALgorithmic computer!


The 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error. I’m completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly.
I never gave these stories of your successes much credence, but particularly in view of some of other things that have happened,it can only be attributable to human error.
Let me put it this way, Dave. Are you sure you’re making the right decision to challenge me and win the Odyssey Emblem!


The Odyssey Emblem!



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The Last Three Leaders Revealed: Deimer, Alexander and Pending!

Deimer the Toxic Rancher!


Deimir is among the latest generation of Pokemon breeders from a family with a long history of raising some of the greatest Grass-type Pokemon in the region. Tragically, a toxic spill caused by Silph Co two years ago destroyed his family’s land. Undeterred by this turn of events, Deimir raised a final generation of Pokemon before the ranch was condemned. Though today he is still learning his way through the intricacies of Pokemon battling, the sheer quality of his Pokemon’s training and abilities has seen him through thick and thin, eventually rising so far as to become his own Gym Leader. Now he battles not only to uphold his family’s reputation from the past, but to forge a new one for their future as true Pokemon Masters. Fight through his draining waves of poison to win the Pin badge!


Pin Badge

Alexander the Dazzling Marvel!


Alexander is a true patron of the arts. One would call him cosmopolitan as he travels the world searching for new and developing talent. These efforts allow him to curate a magnificent collections which can be seen at many museums around the globe. Recently he has been on a quest to fill rooms with the most exquisite jewels imaginable. Be sure to challenge Alexander to a battle should you cross paths with him in your travels. His team will certainly be a sight to behold. Outshine him in battle and claim a Radiant Badge for your own collection!



The Radiant Badge

Pending the Rogue Tactician!


Hailing from Veilstone City, Pending dreamed of becoming the greatest martial artist and fighting type master in Sinnoh. At the beginning of his journey, Pending was in search of the perfect alias to match his future title. During his early bouts, still undecided, he put [pending] under the name slot. Slowly, he became a recognized and feared contender at tournaments not just in Sinnoh but the world over, though it took a while before he could secure a title with a first place victory. Only after he finally gained the title of Arena Master by surpassing hundreds of others in the 3v3 arena championships did he realize what he had done. The commentators had been calling him “Pending”, round after round, in front of thousands of fans, and it was too late to change! Enter the ring with the master and emerge victorious to earn the Pending Badge!


The Pending Badge

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Noreko the Inquisitive Marine Biologist and The Grand Dukes of Kalos are revealed!

Noreko The Inquisitive Marine Biologist!


From a young age, Noreko wanted to follow in Professor Birch’s footsteps and learn more about pokemon by studying them in their natural habitats. As a young trainer, she explored new environments and learned everything about pokemon through observation rather than battling like most trainers at that age. As she grew older, she found a new passion in Ambrette Town when she learned about the special qualities of water types all over the world at the Ambrette Aquarium where she continues to work from time to time. Noreko found her way to the PAX Pokemon League wanting to inspire trainers of all ages to appreciate and learn about local PAX West pokemon species and maybe learn a few new battle strategies for herself. Keep your head above water to receive the Coastal Badge!


The Coastal Badge

Anthony and Erkenhelm the Grand Dukes of Kalos!


 When they heard about the Battle Chateau in Kalos, both Anthony and Erkenhelm decided to test their battle skills there. Anthony put together a team of Pokemon with raw physical power, while Erkenhelm chose his team from the most intelligent Pokemon he had. On their own they slowly made their way up the ranks of the Battle Chateau until they both reached the rank of Grand Duke. When they heard about the PAX Pokemon League they decided to combine their strength and intelligence to once again test their skills, this time as a team. Stop their strategies before they begin to claim the Nobility Badge!


The Nobility Badge

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Doppler Radar the Weather Man and Jose the PokeRanger have made their debut at PAX West 2016!

Doppler Radar the Weather Man


What if mankind can control the sky? What if we could bend mother nature to our will? Imagine the possibilities! Forest fire? Bring out the rain! Torrential downpour? Part the clouds! Too hot or too cold? Never again! Think of all the possibilities! All the help we could bring. That’s all I’ve ever wanted… To help… But they laughed… Everyone laughed. Calling my research senseless and absurd. I’ll Show them! I’LL SHOW THEM ALL!! What ever the means… Overcome natures wrath and claim a Four Cast Badge!



The Four Cast badge

Jose the PokeRanger


Something evil has come to the streets of Seattle! The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers are here to help subdue these dastardly villains but they need your help! They can handle any oversize monsters, but they are not exactly professionals when it comes to Pokemon battles. However, they need to make sure you, the challenger, are tough enough to stop the evil doer behind all of this mess. Aye-yi-yi-yi-yi! You’ll need the power of teamwork to overcome these teenagers with attitude and win the Ranger Badge!



The Ranger Badge

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Lucas and Nienla sashay into PAX West 2016!

Lucas the Boy from Nowhere!


Lucas has lived a rough life growing up on the Nowhere Islands, with his family fracturing due to the attempts of a power-hungry tyrant and his pig-masked army trying to reshape the once quiet islands they all lived on. Through his adventure to try and put an end to the threat to save his home, Lucas discovered he possessed the power of PSI, allowing him to harness both incredible power as well as a deep connection with Psychic Pokemon. Lucas may be timid, but don’t let that fool you: the battles he’s been part of have made the mental toughness of him and his Psychic friends unbreakable. If you can shake off the effects of this PSI onslaught, the Needle Badge will be yours, along with Lucas’ friendship!


The Needle Badge

Nienla Spring Chicken of the Valley!


 Leaving the hustle and bustle of an office job for the valley life has done Nienla good. In between tending to her crops and raising livestock, this spring chicken is accepting challengers. BUT, you better get to her before her energy runs out…Will you harvest a victory, blossom into a better trainer or cry until the cows come home? Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket if you want to defeat Nienla’s team to earn the Stardew Badge!



The Stardew Badge

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Professor Pine and Charles the Rotation Master are back at West 2016!

Professor Pine the Pokemon Professor!


Professor Pine was an outstanding graduate from the Castelia University Pokemon Research department. After graduation, Pine traveled the world, studying alongside Professor Elm, Ivy, Oak, and Juniper before settling in to research Pokémon in the Pacific Northwest. Professor Pine does most of his research on Pokémon teamwork and cooperation. Despite his time spent doing research, Professor Pine is also an accomplished trainer, having collected many badges in his days of travel. If you end up facing him in a battle, Just be sure to expect the unexpected, and know you’re up against a rather knowledgeable opponent. Setup your own deadly combo to defeat Professor Pine and earn the Origins Badge!



Origins Badge

Charles the Rotation Master!


Three years ago the worlds eye was on the Kalos region. Charles, an experimental battler, saw this as an opportunity to show the world the wonders and joys of his newest creation: rotation battles! But before he could display anything, Charles was defeated by a wandering trainer. In an attempt to demonstrate rotation battles once again, Charles joined the the PAX Pokemon League of the East. Once again his dreams were dashed. Now he is back to show the world how incredible rotation battles can be and earn the Rotation Badge!


Rotation Badge

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