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Secret Base Raffle 01 – FRIDAY


So, you’ve found our Secret Base, shown us your badges, and performed the task that has been asked of you – what’s next?!

Friday, at 5:30pm at the Secret Base, the first raffle will be held!

Each person looking to participate in the raffle will need to show the PAX Pokemon representative on duty their trainer card.

There is only one entry per person for the entire weekend of PAX East. This way we can offer as many prizes up to as many people as possible!

The following are the prizes we will have up for grabs for Friday!


Pokemon World Cup origami paper with stickers!


Pokemon World Cup notepad and stickers!


Pokemon World Cup Mousepad with sticker sheet!


Starters lanyard made by!


Little  Treecko plush!


Map of Kanto and Pokemon buttons donated generously by!

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Secret Base Raffles!


That’s right, PAX Pokemon League East-hopefuls! Raffles are back, and we are going to tell you how they work!

FIRST – You will need to find our Secret Base! 

This is going to be in a place full of DIVERSITY, where trainers and Pokemon alike can LOUNGE together in harmony!

SECOND – You will need at least two gym badges from PPL East 2015 to show our representatives at the Secret Base!

This is so that we will know that you’re competing!

THIRD – Well, this one  is a secret that you will have to wait and hear about!

We may ask you a question! Or have you show us a Pokemon! Who knows! It will definitely be something that you are capable of doing. 🙂

Should you accomplish all of the above requirements, you will earn THE SECRET BASE BADGE!

Once you have earned the SECRET BASE BADGE, you can be entered into the daily raffles!

Each day we will have one raffle for fabulous prizes!

But you can only enter ONCE.

Once you have entered into a raffle, you cannot enter into another, so choose your raffle day wisely!

“But what day should I choose?”

We’re going to show you exactly what we’re going to be raffling on each day!

“What if not everything is raffled off on a day?”

Anything left over from each day will be carried over to the subsequent day’s raffle.

“What if I won’t be able to make it to Day Three’s raffle?”

We’re very sorry, we can’t swap prizes for any particular day. We have, however, tried to offer a wide selection of prizes for each day. 🙂 Plus, all the prizes are great! So you can’t really lose!

Keep a look out for our follow-up posts showing what we’ll be auctioning and when and where you can find us!

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PPL East 2015: SECRET POWER You don’t know about Secret Bases? What kinda life is that?

This year the PAX Pokemon League at PAX East is a celebration of the SECRET POWER inside all of us! Join us and take the PAX Pokémon League Challenge for


See you there!

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Applications to be a gym leader at PAX East 2015 are now [CLOSED]!

EDIT: We are no longer accepting gym leader applications! Sorry! We hope you’ll consider challenging the League instead!

FINALLY! Because PAX East Passes are now available. The wait is over, and your patience has been rewarded!

We are now accepting applications for Gym Leaders for PPL East 2015!!!

If you’re interested in applying, click right here and fill out this form!

Note that you need a pass to PAX East to be a gym leader, so if you don’t have one, get one ASAP! They sell out fast.

If you have any questions, visit this thread in our forums and ask away. (You’ll need to make a forum account to be a gym leader anyway.)

(Also, remember, you don’t have to be a competitive battler to apply! We want applications from trainers of all skill levels and from all walks of life. You can find out more about what being a gym leader entails by clicking here.)

Applications will close on December 12th! So don’t delay!


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