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Dezzles, The Dark Wanderer

dezzzzzzzzIn his teens, a Litwick led Dezzles away from his family and into the woods between Celadon and Saffron City. As his spirit was nearly completely drained, a pack of Houndours appeared attacking the Litwick and causing it to flee. After weeks of recuperation from the encounter he was accepted by the pack. Dezzles had become fascinated with the Houndour pack and the power that allowed them to fight of the ghost. After years with the pack, he decided it was time to move on and learn the secrets of other Dark Pokemon. Dezzles is determined to grow stronger, taking up the mantel of Gym Leader, aiming to tame the ultimate Dark Pokemon; Darkrai.

Throw all you’ve got at Dezzles for a flamin’ chance at the Atramental Badge!

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Windsor, the Aerobatic Aviator

Friday October 30 – Sunday November 1

Mistralton City would like to invite you to the 2nd annual Inter-regional Airshow, featuring the best pilots and trainers from Unova and around the world! Ready your engines for daredevil flying and death-defying excitement! A must-see, must-battle event for Flying-type enthusiasts!

Proudly sponsored by the Mistalton Cargo Service and supported by the Unova Battle Subway.

FEATURING Aerobatic Aviator, WINDSOR and his SOARING SIX!

Windsor, hailing from right here in Mistalton City, is one of the top pilots in Unova and a recent addition to the Gym Leader roster. A regular competitor in both the Hoenn Aero Grand Prix and the famous Celadon Cycling Road Air Race in Kanto, Windsor is bringing his Soaring Six home to Unova for this spectacular event.

Watch the Soaring Six fly, swoop and dive in perfect sync and with incredible speed. An astounding display of teamwork!

Don’t miss this chance to challenge Windsor and his team! Earn your wings on the battlefield to be rewarded with the Formation Badge!

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Mr Shine, the Rare Gem Collector

MrShineRareGemCollectorFinalA veteran breeder, trainer and Man-of-Distinction, Mr Shine can often be found out in the field looking for the rarest and most elusive Pokémon to add to his collection. For many years he hoarded these prized catches, never to see the light of day, but after challenging the PPL last year he realised that Pokémon deserve to be brought out on display for all to see and enjoy.

Mr Shine has opened the doors to his Vault-Gym and polished his radiant team to a gleaming finish.

Bring your Dark Glasses to withstand this dazzling display and claim yourself the Shiny Badge!

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Tom Olive, The Green Pokemon Ranger!

TomOliveGreenPokemonRangerFinalGrowing up as an orphan on the streets, Tom had to learn to fend for him self. Seeing great potential in him, Team Rocket lured the young boy with promises of riches and fame. It wasn’t until he was captured by the Pokémon Rangers during a poaching mission that he learned the true evil plans of Team Rocket. Now, a force for good and a legend in the Ranger community, Tom Olive patrols the Safari Zone which doubles as his gym waiting for his next challenger, good or bad.

Track down the legend himself for a shot at the Morph Badge!!

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Astrid & Kitty, the Cat-Dog Duo

catdogduoWinter or Summer?

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Cats or Dogs?

For Kitty and Astrid this has been a rivalry for the ages. Fur will fly as this Gym Duo attempt to prove which species is better.

Defeat Astrid and Kitty to get your paws on either the Meow Badge or the Woof Badge and answer the age old question once and for all!

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Phil & B, the Puffy Duet!

PhilandBPuffyDuetFinalLike any normal, everyday “Poké-Couple” that you might see on your travels, Phil & B spent extended periods of time standing next to each other in the middle of nowhere for no good reason other than attempting to catch a trainers eye.

Early one morning, Bronny fell through a too-close-to-the-surface Hole, kidnapped by Team Rocket! Now Phil is destined to raise not only his own Pokémon but is also in a Single Dad scenario with the Pokés B left behind.

Suffer through Phil’s annoying stories for a chance to win the Fluffy Badge!

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PPL Australia’d 2015 and You Won’t Believe What Happens Next!

proffernIt’s the first PAX AUS Gym Leader 2015 reveal! Of course it is! Our first Gym Leader needs no introduction; you’ve heard his dulcet tones, you’ve seen his bookshelf full of.. study materials? It’s Australia’s very own Pokemon Professor, Fern!

The ever forgetful Professor Fern has been busy in the last year. Spending a lot of time in the field – exploring remote jungles and getting hopelessly lost – he has discovered the fossils of several prehistoric Pokemon. He had them revived and raised them at his remote lab in the Orre region. When the invitation for the PAX Pokemon League arrived, he immediately packed his things, gathered his new fossilized friends, and set out on the long journey to Melbourne.

Pummel his Prehistoric Pokemon to Pilfer an Amber Badge!

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PPL Aus 2015 Podcast Episode 0

If you’re interested in PPL or Australian accents, a new episode of the PPL Aus Podcast has just been released!

2 terrific 2014 PPL Aus Gym Leaders and a level 2 Phil talk all things PPL Aus in our pre-season podcast.

This episode covers some commonly asked questions, such as “What is PPL?”, “How can I participate?” and “What fire-type move should I never use?”

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PAX Aus 2015 Leader Applications Now Open!

We want to get PAX Aus 2015 going as soon as possible and to do that we need you! Applications will be open from now until May 22nd, so you’ll have a month to get everything in to be considered a PAX Pokemon Gym Leader for PPL Aus 2015. We look forward to reading everyone’s submissions and good luck! If you have any questions please email, private message philomglol on the PPL Forums, or like/ask on out our Facebook Page!

Please click the link below to get started:

PAX Aus 2015 Applications

Your Admin, Phil


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