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Rupi, the Great Fairy makes an entrance!

Rupi, the Great Fairy

 Needing a break from the rather dull life as a fairy, Rupi began looking for an adventure of her own. The fierce Pax Pokemon League proved energetic enough to get her attention and for a while, she watched. The courage to say challenge me, the wisdom to know what moved to use and when, and the strength to pull through the battle standing victor. The determination motivated Rupi not only to better herself, but to maybe instill those characteristics into others. For a year, she trained with her friends to have the same virtues as the league – and a little blond boy in a green tunic she once knew – so that maybe, she could experience the excitement of competition. Dazzle Rupi to earn yourself the Sparkle Badge!


Sparkle Badge

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Alt. Palette Mina, The Painter Captain makes her debut!

Alt. Palette Mina, The Painter Captain

You may have already shown me your Pokemon might on Route 8 or on the Poni Gauntlet. Honestly though, battling isn’t my game, but drawing IS. So my challenge is a little bit different this time. Instead of ignoring you for art, I want you to make me art. Brush up on your art skills and be prepare to show me your best work! Pass Mina’s drawing challenge, with your art chops to earn the Crayon Pikachu Badge!

Crayon Pikachu Badge 

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PAX South 2018 Gym Leader Applications are OPEN!

Applications to be a Gym Leader for the PAX Pokemon League at PAX South 2018 are OPEN!

If you like battling and interacting with other Pokemon trainers, then hit up the application page to join the ranks of the PAX Pokemon League! We want leaders of all types and skill levels! The PPL welcomes all!

Applications will close midnight, September 8th!

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The Hall of Fame for the PAX Pokemon League East 2017!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

(Note: we had some trouble collecting teams this year, and not everybody got the link to the Hall of Fame survey. So this year’s results are incomplete, and some team names may be mixed up/missing nicknames/details. We’re really sorry about that! Champs, if you’d like to get your teams corrected, send us an email at paxpokemonleague at gmail, or leave a comment on this post, and we’ll get things sorted out!)

League Champion: Marcus

“Electivire” “Garchomp” “Persian”
“Tsareena” “Ninetales” “Scizor”


League Champion: Pending

“Tapu Koko” “Gengar” “Conkeldurr”
“Metagross” “Ferrothorn” “Gliscor”


League Champion: Nola

“Incineroar” “Meganium” “Raichu”
“Cresselia” “Lapras” “Pinsir”


League Champion: Scott

“Golisopod” “Nidoking” “Espeon”
“Togekiss” “Arcanine” “Tyrantrum”


League Champion: SandstormS

“Eelektross” “Skarmory” “Venusaur”
“Infernape” “Mismagius” “Volcarona”


League Champion: Chris

“Venusaur” “Leafeon” “Mismagius”
“Jolteon” “Metagross” “Gardevoir”


League Champion: ksu

“Rotom-Wash” “Pinsir” “Landorus-Therian”
“Scizor” “Azumarill” “Gardevoir”


League Champion: Ramon

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Chris

“Gliscor” “Salamence” “Emolga”
“Mantine” “Staraptor” “Decidueye”


League Champion: Epitaph

“Mag” “Echo” “Hymn”
“Decidueye” “Mimikyu”


League Champion: Sam

“Salamence” “Ferrothorn” “Rotom-Wash”
“Galvantula” “Scizor” “Tapu Koko”


League Champion: Alex

“Kangaskhan” “Gengar” “Porygon2”
“Heatran” “Gliscor” “Tapu Lele”


League Champion: Ken

“Karlyn” “Bernie” “Urza”
“Elizabeth I” “Kid Buu” “Minsc”


League Champion: Kitsoon

“Hero” “Desmini” “Onca”
“Argentum” “Decidueye” “Bayss”


League Champion: Brad

“Tapu Koko” “Scizor” “Pelipper”
“Marowak” “Raichu” “Kingdra”


League Champion: Maryanne

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Alex

“Salazzle” “Mudsdale” “Incineroar”
“Toxapex” “Mimikyu” “Vikavolt”


League Champion: Henry

? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?
? ? ?


League Champion: Wolf

“Chambers” “Beta” “Tyran”
“Icarus” “Shade” “Gaige”


League Champion: Toyou321

“Big_Blue” “Nina” “Arc”
“Sally” “Magnito” “Mandi”


League Champion: Scott

“Gengar” “Garchomp” “Tyranitar”
“Klefki” “Starmie” “Scizor”


Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally (there are several of you who we did not get hall of fame entries for!) or something’s wrong (I think a few of teams got mixed up), leave a comment or send an email to paxpokemonleague at gmail dot com! I (Propriety) will fix it! SERIOUSLY please let me know!
Thank you for Playing! This is East 2017’s Final Post!

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Elite 8: Surge, the Vivid Storm, Rajil, The Traveler’s Guardian, Red, the Battle Legend, and Mike, the Unbearable Pokemaniac!

Surge, the Vivid Storm!


Strategy: A plan will get you further than just brute force.
Trainer’s Pokemon: They may look cute but they can clash with the very best!
Trainer’s Message: A new rival? This’ll be fun!

The Contrast Emblem (Surge)

Conquer the storm and obtain The Contrast Badge!

Rajil, the Traveler’s Guardian!


Strategy: My Party of 6 each have their own important role to fulfill!
Favorite Pokemon: My Pokemon were chosen by the traveler to protect all from the Darkness!
Trainer Message: I am the Guardian of the Traveler, Protector of Light, do you have what it takes?!

The Destiny Emblem New (Rajil)

 Forged using artifacts from the traveler itself, prove yourself worthy to obtain such power to earn the Destiny Emblem!

Red, the Battle Legend!


Strategy: ….
Trainer’s Pokemon: …
Trainers Message: …

The 1996 Emblem (Red)


Mike, the Unbearable Pokemaniac!


Strategy: To show the competition that teddy bears aren’t all cuddly!
Trainer’s Pokemon: My Pokemon and I love to hibernate after a long battle.
Trainer’s Message: Think you’re smarter than the average bear? It’s entirely Pawsible you’re wrong!

The Panda Emblem (Mike)

Push through the bearricade to earn yourself the Panda Badge!

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The PAX Pokemon League South 2017 Hall of Fame!!!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

League Champion: Sean Liguez


landorus-therian azumarill clefable
ferrothorn charizard garchomp


League Champion: Stephen S.


mismagius metagross greninja
ditto araquanid xurkitree

League Champion: Skeith


charizard blissey rotom-wash
flygon ninetales-alola hitmontop

League Champion: SheepMatty


serperior talonflame garchomp
greninja lucario lopunny

League Champion: (>^w^)>


cloyster kingdra metagross
dragonite chandelure galvantula

League Champion: Krystle


politoed tornadus-therian toxicroak
kabutops swampert ferrothorn

League Champion: Gabriel C.


umbreon mismagius drapion
gallade slowking eelektross

League Champion: Darian Henderson


nidoking aerodactyl tyranitar
dragonite archeops ferrothorn

League Champion: Aaron Villanueva0129171957

buzzwole incineroar kommo-o
mimikyu silvally sylveon


League Champion: Zoie


mew kangaskhan blissey
typhlosion thundurus blastoise

Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally or something’s missing, leave a comment and we’ll fix it! This is the last post from PPL South 2017!  Thank you for playing!

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The Hall of Fame for the PAX Pokemon League Australia 2016!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

League Champion: Aravinda!


sableye         ferrothorn      terrakion

“Trix”                                                                                 .

garchomp bisharp charizard-megay.gif

League Champion: Dylan “theheracrossguy”!


heracross.gif   miltank.gif           porygon2.gif

kingdra.gif zapdos.gif scizor-mega.gif


League Champion: Sam (double mewtwo kid)!



charizard.gif   electivire.gif

League Champion: Joey!

lopunny-megaazumarill.gif talonflame.gif


latias.gif greninja.gif gengar

League Champion: Ahria (Luna Rose)!


articuno.gif blaziken-f.gif      excadrill.gif

lopunny.gif     gengar.gif

League Champion: Harry!

roserade.gif      arcanine.gif    goodra.gif

“Rose bud”   “Rowdy”                            .

umbreon.gif          kingdra.gif       gardevoir-mega.gif

“Greed”                                                 .

League Champion: Morgan Morton!




League Champion: Snowfly!




League Champion: Michael!




“Alessio”        .

Thank you to our champions and to all those who participated!


We hope to see you again next year!

If you were a champion who’s team was not included, please email us at


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The Hall of Fame for the PAX Pokemon League West 2016!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

(Hover over Pokemon for Nicknames if any! Some Champions may not have teams posted.)

League Champion: Alex!



League Champion: Jonathan!



League Champion: Evan!


League Champion: Rashe!


League Champion: Emre!



League Champion: Chris!


 s-aegislashskarmory empoleon ferrothorn heatranmetagross-mega

League Champion: Sam!


League Champion: Ryan!



League Champion: Blaine!



League Champion: Patrick!



League Champion: David!


League Champion: M. Tatrin!



League Champion: Steven!


League Champion: damekage!



s-tentacruelscolipede kecleon lanturn vivillon-monsoon lopunny

League Champion: Kendahl!


League Champion: Ehx!


League Champion: Skurk!


Thank you to all our champions and those who participated!



 We can’t wait to be back at PAX West next year!



 This will be the last post of for PPL West 2016. If you were a champion who’s team did not get included please email us at


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The Last Three Elites are Revealed: Cupcake Capone, Evans, and Travis Touchdown!

Cupcake Capone the Fairy Godfather!


At the center of the most prominent crime family of the Kalos region sits “Cupcake” Capone, the fairy godfather. Rising to notoriety by defeating some of the most dangerous and fearsome crime bosses in battle, Capone’s distinct use of fairy types quickly trumped the dark type Pokemon commonly used by other crime bosses and earned him the moniker “Fairy Godfather.” Make him an offer he can’t refuse to take the Wish Badge!


The Wish Badge

Evans the Paranormal Professional!


When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call? Evans, the Pokemon Ghostbuster! Using the latest in patented Ghostbusting tech, he’s locked up all sorts of monsters, sprites and spooks troubling Kanto. But now, if you want his badge, you’ll have to face them all! Show Evans you ain’t afraid a no ghost to earn the Buster Badge!


The Buster Badge!

Travis Touchdown, the Crownless King!


Shortly after the assassination of his best friend Bishop at the hands of Jasper Batt. Jr and the ensuing revenge, Travis receives an unmarked envelope slid under his door with only the following inside:
“Jasper made an excellent puppet.
Just like you.”
After three years of tracking down ‘D.H.’ to the PPL, Travis returns to climb the ranks of the PPL in search of the real man responsible for his friend’s death and is prepared to strike down anyone in his way. Emerge as the last man standing to earn the Deathmatch Badge!


The Deathmatch Badge!

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Lucas and Nienla sashay into PAX West 2016!

Lucas the Boy from Nowhere!


Lucas has lived a rough life growing up on the Nowhere Islands, with his family fracturing due to the attempts of a power-hungry tyrant and his pig-masked army trying to reshape the once quiet islands they all lived on. Through his adventure to try and put an end to the threat to save his home, Lucas discovered he possessed the power of PSI, allowing him to harness both incredible power as well as a deep connection with Psychic Pokemon. Lucas may be timid, but don’t let that fool you: the battles he’s been part of have made the mental toughness of him and his Psychic friends unbreakable. If you can shake off the effects of this PSI onslaught, the Needle Badge will be yours, along with Lucas’ friendship!


The Needle Badge

Nienla Spring Chicken of the Valley!


 Leaving the hustle and bustle of an office job for the valley life has done Nienla good. In between tending to her crops and raising livestock, this spring chicken is accepting challengers. BUT, you better get to her before her energy runs out…Will you harvest a victory, blossom into a better trainer or cry until the cows come home? Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket if you want to defeat Nienla’s team to earn the Stardew Badge!



The Stardew Badge

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