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The Hall of Fame!

Apologies that it took so long! But here it is!

League Champions! Congratulations! Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

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Challenger Survey!

Hey there challengers,

Hopefully you’re still experiencing that rosy glow from PAX East 2013. If you’d be so kind, I’ve made up a survey so we can find out what you liked and what you didn’t like about the League this year. Actually, even if you didn’t attend PAX East, you can still fill out the survey!

The survey can be found by clicking here.

Your responses are anonymous, so let us know what you thought! This kind of feedback really helps when it comes time to make decisions for next year’s League. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes or so.



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Thank you to all of you, to every one of you challengers, for making the PAX Pokemon Leauge 2013 the biggest and best PPL to date. The League wouldn’t be anything without it’s challengers! You make it happen!

I know I personally also want to thank all the gym leaders, elite six members, and the champion, as well as my fellow researcher Kim, who all helped make the league as great as it was. I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Thank you!

Within the next week, I’ll be posting a little survey for you to take so we can gather some statistics to make the League even better next year! Also there will be some places for suggestions and for you to tell us any cool stories you may have from your league challenge, and information so you can find out all the other cool stuff our gym leaders do when they’re not being gym leaders!

And if you want to be a gym leader at PAX East next year, we accept applications starting in September. Make sure you’re following our twitter (@PAXPokemon) and/or our Facebook to be kept up to date on all the going-ons! We’ll be posting a bunch of photos to our facebook account! Also, you can join our Forums. It’s a bit quiet now, but we’d love to make it more active. Go in there and share your stories!

For right now, though, I’m going to get my Snorlax on… everyone use REST… and make sure you’re not holding a Chesto Berry.


Thanks again!

-Researcher Propriety

That guy with the scarf.


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Mysterious Stone Tablets…

Researcher Propriety here. Several of the archaeologist gym leaders in the group have informed me that they have discovered a stone tablet with mysterious markings… while I’m 100% certain these markings are NOT related to the legendary birds, they have indeed provoked quite a bit of curiosity among some of the other researchers in the group…

It seems to have something to do with time travel….

Top researchers are working to decode the text, but all they’ve managed to uncover is that it has something to do with time travel. Maybe you can figure out the mystery? If you’re interested, I might ask some of the archeologically-minded gym leaders you encounter… but which of them would know about time travel?

Who knows what rewards are waiting? Grab your Rosetta stones and get cracking!

(Note that this puzzle is completely separate from the LEGENDS puzzle on the back of your trainer cards. Don’t get them confused!)

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Challenging the League and LEGENDS Puzzle Reminder!

In case you missed the original post, here’s a quick review about Trainer Cards!

After facing your first gym leader, win or lose, they should award you a trainer card! On the front of this card, you’ll see a subset of gym leaders who might be most suitable for you to battle! Remember, though, you can battle ANY Leader, not just those pictured on your card!

Collect eight badges from any leader for the right to face the Elite Six. Collect four emblems from any of the Elite Six for the right to face the champion!

While supplies last, anyone who beats the Champion will be themselves crowned champion and will be awarded one of these FABULOUS CHAMPION CAPES!

Lovingly handcrafted by gym leader Berri! (@YacheBerri)

On the back of the card is important information, like meetup times, swarm times, and contact info for the League!

Also on the back of the card is a puzzle detailing the location of one of the legendary birds. Solve the puzzle using clues you pick up during your PPL journey! We highly recommend working together with other challengers to find clues! Some gym leaders will also have clues that might help. Once you’ve unmixed the solution to the puzzle, find Researcher Propriety or Researcher Kim (pictured on the back of the cards) to claim your prize! The puzzle is nonmandatory, but it is a good way to win prizes!

Also, here is a quick wallpaper of the Elite 6 and the Champion, to get you in the mood for a challenge!


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Champion: Cynthia, the Legendary Champion of Sinnoh!

Cynthia, not one to stay in one place for too long, has decided to do some research outside the Sinnoh and Unova regions. Getting some inspiration from Dawn, Cynthia decided to travel to the PAX Pokemon League. Upon studying the mythos of the region around the PAX Pokemon League, she found evidence of the three legendary birds: Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres in the region. On the trail of the birds and why they strayed from their native Kanto, Cynthia was asked to be the champion for the PAX Pokemon League. In a year previous, Dawn had spoke about the tenacity of the trainers in the region, and missing battles, Cynthia accepted. Although, never taking a break from studying, Cynthia would love to you to prove that you have what it takes to help her find the legendary birds. Find eight badges and defeat four of the elite six and she’ll accept your challenge!!!


And, what’s this? It looks like Cynthia has left a letter…

Greetings and welcome challengers to the PAX East Pokemon League 2013,

I have come to the great city of Boston because of a slight mix of work and pleasure. A dear friend said that the trainers here are fiery but still very compassionate for their Pokémon partners. Having fought many trainers with many varying dispositions all over the Sinnoh region, I decided to see for myself how other trainers fought and what it was about the challengers of Boston that piqued her interest.

That said, I have temporarily left my position as the champion of the Lily of the Valley League not only to test trainers from different backgrounds. Some evidence has lead me to realize legendary birds, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno, are in the area. The last I heard of them was a few years ago where they had almost destroyed the world when a certain crazed collector tried to capture them…. Don’t worry challengers: I’ll do my best to make sure the world doesn’t end… at least not during PAX! I’ll need your help to find the legendary birds. Keep an eye out for clues as you face the challenge of the League!

I hope your journey is fruitful and that our paths cross in the near future.





Our Champion has a twitter account, too! @PPL_Cynthia

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Visit the Champion Showcase for LEGENDARY PRIZES!!!

On Sunday, at 7:01 PM, after PAX has officially ended, come to the Westin Mezzanine for the

Gym leaders, Elite Four, and Challengers will mingle and battle! Maybe pick up a few of the badges you missed, get to know your fellow Pokemaniacs, get in on the League’s annual group photo, and just generally have a good time! Plus, challengers who beat the Champion can come here to show off their capes!

But the real big news is that at the Champion Showcase we’ll be giving away FABULOUS PRIZES!!!

Every challenger who successfully solves the LEGENDS puzzle on the back of their trainer card and reports the solution to claim their prize will be entered into a raffle to win one of these sweet perler bead magnets!

Created by the wonderful Emily(@HotBeverages)!

And, of course, the grand prize: for those who solve the LEGENDS puzzle and also ascend to the highest point of the League… every challenger who both proves their worth against Champion, and solve the LEGENDS puzzle and report the solution to Researcher Propriety or Researcher Kim will be entered into a raffle to catch one of the Legendary Birds… IN BABY FORM!!!

Created by Naox, these legendary birds are soft and cuddly and will probably not engulf you in flames/frost/lightning.

You must be present to win these fabulous prizes, so make sure you’re at the Champion Showcase from 7-8 on Sunday evening!

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PAX Pokemon League Guidebook!

The PPL has created a guidebook for PAX East 2013! Download the guidebook application for your smartphone or tablet, and you can search for the PAX Pokemon League East 2013 Guidebook! Inside you’ll find a convenient calendar featuring all meetup times and swarm times so you can add them to your calendar, as well as a full list of gym leaders, so you can check them off as you go.

But hurry! Unfortunately, because we can’t afford to purchase the full version, our guidebook is limited to 200 downloads. So if you want all the League’s information in the palm of your hand, grab our guidebook ASAP! Second best thing to a Pokedex!

Click here to get our guidebook!

Also, those of you who download the guidebook will get a sneak peak at tomorrow’s update… ;B

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The Elite Six!

Clockwise from left: Gilman, Charles, Oceanus, Gunpei, Kaya, Sir Ivan North

Oceanus, The Storm Chaser!

Oceanus is recognized as one of the world’s foremost trainers of Water Pokemon. After PAX he decided a change was in order and traveled the world’s oceans, determined to catch and train a team of new Pokemon. Keeping very few of his original team, he set off to find the rarest of Pokemon the earth has in it’s depths. The oceans of the Pokemon world are vast and mysterious, as is Oceanus’ new team of Water-type Pokemon. Do you have what it takes to stop the very ocean and earn the Geyser Emblem?



Sir Ivan North, the Deadly Dealer!

There was a time where Sir Ivan masterfully sold products for Silph Co. It was his sworn duty to make every pitch a hit. However: after watching the greed and pride of his employers, the envy and wrath of their competitors, and the gluttony and lust for more products from their consumers – Sir Ivan grew tired of it all. He has now taken up a new role as a traveling salesman, who gets into the mind of his customers before they become his challengers. Defeat his deadly team in battle and you will earn yourself the Sinful Emblem!


Kaya, The Choreographer!

A native of Unova, Kaya began training Pokemon at a very young age. Always a wanderer who followed her own tempo, she journeyed across the world to discover new breeds of Pokemon and battle the trainers who raised them. Kaya eventually grew attached to the town of Ecruteak, and found inspiration in the Kimono Girls: strong, graceful trainers who could bring out the fullest potential of their Pokemon. Kaya emulated their calm disciplined demeanor in training her own squad of battle-dancers, starting with the Liligant that had been with her since the start of her journey. Now, she seeks to serve as teacher to a new generation. Overcome her challenge and be awarded the Capoeira Emblem!

As an added bonus: select challengers who prove their worth to Kaya will be gifted an extra prize: a genetically superior Eevee!


Gunpei as: Poké-Red, the Heroes’ Leader!

Gunpei is an actor from Pokéstar Studios studios who plays Takumi in the television series Monster Sentai Pokéger. A director from Pokéstar Studios found this unknown at a local Pokémon tournament and thought his unique personality would be a perfect fit for the role of Takumi. Though he had no formal training, Gunpei proved himself a natural born actor and wowed not only the heads of Pokéstar Studios, but the public at large. Gunpei’s new found stardom allowed him to follow one of his life-long dreams and open his own Pokémon gym. Soon after wrapping up the second season of Monster Sentai Pokéger, Gunpei was selected to become one of the new Elite 6 members. There he takes on all challengers as his character Takumi’s transformed form: the legendary hero Poké-Red! He waits along with his six Pokémon rangers, for those with the fire of justice burning in their hearts to join him against his fight against evil. Defeat him and claim the Justice Emblem!


Charles, the Rotation Master!

Charles… he grew up in… Driftveil city. Always the heartbreaker, one day he fell hard for a girl. Hoping to impress her, Charles learned a new style of battling from his father. Its name… Triple Battle! When his would-be love turned him down, he got on his bike and became the wind looking for a place to accept him. Two years of riding later bad-boy Charles returned to Driftveil and began battling trainers in his own style… Rotation Battle! Only a few weeks after his return, a young trainer told him of the PAX Pokemon League. Intrigued, Charles set off for Boston to bring both battle styles to new heights. Master them to earn the Rotation Emblem!


Gilman, the Bearer of Light!

Outdoorsy and adventurous, Gilman and his trusty sidekick Vulpix were loved by all on their residential island of Cinnabar. He organized many outdoor community activities, such as gardening and sail-boating, to help encourage island residents to enjoy the natural beauties of the sun. These acts caught the eye of the town’s hero and gym leader, Blaine. With the unfortunate eruption of the volcano, Blaine was forced to relocate to the Seafoam Islands. Before he left, he granted Gilman a small box. Inside was a Fire Stone, and a note directing Gilman towards the PAX Pokemon League, encouraging him to share his good nature and open-mind with others. Gilman and his Vulpix set out in search of trainers who could prove to them their love of life. Do so and earn the Solar Emblem!


 Remember, you only have to defeat four of the Elite Six members and collect their emblems to challenge the champion!

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What you need for PAX: a helpful reminder!

Researcher Kim, in preparing for her big trip to Boston, has typed up this handy list of things you shouldn’t forget to bring! Nothing is more embarrassing than going all the way to the Pokemon League and forgetting all your Pokeballs, so review this list to avoid forgetting anything!

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