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Last Post Before PAX Begins!

***Here are some VERY IMPORTANT things for you to know before and during PAX!***

Our Meetup Times!:

Find us in the Hand Held Lounge on these dates and times!

2:30PM on Friday
2:30PM on Saturday
1:30PM on Sunday.

And battle the Champion at our closing showcase starting at 5PM on Sunday in the park at the top of the escalators!

Also, as a bonus, several gym leaders will be meeting at the Westlake Center at 7:30pm on THURSDAY before PAX!

They are there to collect materials needed for the convention, but it is also a great time to get your battle on early with us!


Be on the lookout for our fabulous green scarves!

These scarves indicate who active gym leaders are! If you see one, then that gym leader is ready to battle!

And you won’t just find leaders in the Hand Held Lounge – they will be OUT and ABOUT the entire convention space!


Another great way to find out where Gym Leaders are is to follow us on Twitter @PaxPokemon !

While internet and cell reception can be rough at PAX, we will be doing our absolute best to live-tweet the locations of all of our gym leaders that use twitter while also sending out reminders about the meetups before they happen!


Also, feel free to check out our new PPL Guidebook application!  As we are a volunteer group, downloads of the guide are limited, but for the lucky 200 PAX Prime-goers that download this, you can have our meetup times with you at all times along with the list of leaders to look out for!


We are really looking forward to seeing your Pokemon training skills this PAX Prime!!!

See you on the battle floor!



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The Champion – Madame Boss!























Not just the boss of Team Rocket, turns out Madame Boss is in charge of ALL of the criminal syndicates!

Show her you’ve got what it takes to represent your team! Or show her that crime really doesn’t pay.

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The Elite Team!

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Meet your Elite Team and Your Champion for Prime 2012!

























That’s right! Each of the 5 villainous organizations are vying for your support this year! Gym leaders will be carrying Trainer Cards for you to choose which team you want to join! Make your Boss proud by defeating the other organization leaders in the E4! And should you want to be one of the Good Guys, then go undercover in an organization to topple them all at the Championship Battle!


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The Last of Our Gym Leaders Revealed!

Finn and Corvus, the Fairweather Friends!

While Finn and his family was returning from Mt. Pyre to their home in Lilycove City, a boy stumbled out into the clearing before them, badly injured, with an Absol following just behind. Finn sent out his Meditite against the Absol, but both Pokémon refused to fight. The Absol was simply protecting the boy, who introduced himself as Corvus and said he was running away from his home in Fortree. Finn’s family took in Corvus and helped him recover from his injuries, the Absol he befriended in the wild staying by his side the entire time. Finn and Corvus grew up friends with a fiery rivalry between them, battling day in and day out and constantly honing each other’s skills, and even embarked on their journey as trainers together. Due to their vastly different upbringings, they are constantly at odds with morality as well as training style, with Corvus preferring the trickery of Dark and Ghost types and Finn sticking to the pure power of Fighting and Psychic types. Corvus joining Team Rocket was an easy decision for him as he simply wants to cause as much trouble as he can, while Finn is accompanying to keep him from getting in over his head.

Work with or against a partner and defeat this duo to earn the Synergy Badge!








After retiring from the Kanto Elite Four, Lorelei went back to her childhood home on Four Island to take care of her family there and protect them from Team Rocket’s clutches. Many years passed and Lorelei missed the tenacity of the trainers that graced the Elite Four’s Hallways. One day, Lorelei decided to adventure outside of her island hometown on the back of her Lapras. She hoped to find more trainers with the same tenacity and purity that she had fought against long ago. Lorelei traveled to Sinnoh and at Spear Pillar, a former member of Team Galactic extended an invitation to join. He said that Cyrus foresaw a battle royale in the stars. After seeing the destruction and hurt lives the other syndicates caused the other regions, Lorelei began to think that new start to the world wouldn’t be a bad idea. Lorelei has come to the PAX Pokemon League to find trainers that remind her that they are not all selfish.

Show Lorelei your tenacity and true potential and win the Shellder Badge! 

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So close!

How, and WHO, would bring these clearly opposing groups together? And what do they have to do with the PAX Pokemon League?

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As PAX Approaches, So Do Our Gym Leaders!

KEN LEE – Loyal Rocket For Lyfe!

Always the loyal employee, KEN LEE the Meme Master returns to PAX Prime to support Team Rocket a full OVER 9,000%.
But don’t let this lover of memes fool you! He has a new team up his sleeves that’s going to make you wish you were Dreaming after you lose against him!

Beating him will earn you the Creepypasta Badge!










Solon of the Seven Sages
Solon of the original Seven Sages was once a wise leader of the Johto region. A statesman from an Ecruteak City long gone, he popularized plutocratic development, destabilizing the tyrannical power system in place where he who had the strongest Pokemon held political position. Solon’s political reforms helped shape the modern Johto legislative systems and democratic philosophies. “Keep Everything With Moderation” is his original proverb. There are currently no records of Solon in his later years, or any death records.

Displaced by time and space after an accident exploring Ilex Forest, Solon the Seventh Sage has found himself once again in a place of power as a Gym Leader of the PAX Pokemon League. A new supporter of Team Plasma, he has been noted of having inspired “Moderation” within the once extremist team. Likewise, he will show challengers that power lies not within the Left or the Right but in moderation. Even as the Baton is Passed through the generations, the wisest and most powerful will reign supreme through balance, not brute force or clever trickery.

Defeating him will earn you the Sage Badge!






Pythia, the oracle at Delphi

Pythia, the oracle at Delphi, was tasked to bring the gods their former recognition and carve a place for them in the new world. With the gods being slowly forgotten, it became evident proof by power was necessary. In this, the oracle would serve not only as the voice of the gods, but also the hand. Even Poseidon returned to support the oracle turned warrior. Under his guidance, Team Aqua was determined to hold the most potential. With her team, Pythia joined the organization to help it rebuild after failing to capture Kyogre and hopefully restore the gods with them. With the clash of villains coming to a head, it is the will of the gods that Aqua come out victorious and Pythia shall see it through.

Beating her will earn you the Delphi Badge!








Jose – Man of Mystery

Jose tried them all; Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma, but none of them felt right. He could see the foil to their plans right from the start, but every time he brought it to the leader, they said, “No way, Jose!”. Wandering around by himself, he realized that he doesn’t need to be in a gang to be a part of something, he can make a change by himself. Having just left Plasma and a bit of their ideals still with him, he released all but one of his Pokemon. If he can make a difference by himself, then his Pokemon can win battles by themselves. Be prepared to test yourself and your favourite team member and see how well they stand on their own.

Defeating him will earn you the Jose Badge! 










Dr. Kronus

Dr. Kronus is a shadow of the man he once was. His former association and subsequent re-association with Team Rocket has left his reputation shattered. Any academic standing he once had is gone. He is, for all intents and purposes, a laughing stock among the archeological community. This, combined with the recent death of the Marowak he had raised from a Cubone has left his psyche fragmented. He was in a state of paranoid delusions when Looker found him. Looker could see that there was more to this broken man, that he could be a useful ally.

Looker took him in and put him through weeks of rehabilitation and psychiatric examination. The good doctor took to it well. He had a new purpose. He was going to bring down the organizations that had abandoned him at his most vulnerable. After the intense process of pulling himself from the brink of madness, Dr. Kronus went on his sojourn, finding new pokemon to befriend. None of them could fill the void left by Marowak, but they stood by him, ready to help him.

Now he stands at the gates of PAX, his new friends by his side, taking the role of the Big Damn Hero. He is prepared to face any challengers with a renewed sense of purpose and fighting spirit. He knows that he emerge victorious in the end, as all empires eventually erode away, falling victim to the sands of time.

Defeating him will earn you the Sands of Time Badge!






Once a young Ace Trainer who loved shorts with the best of them, Lester’s life was changed forever when he met N and they drank hot cocoa and marathoned MLP:FiM while discussing Pokemon political philosophy. After this, Lester released all his pokemon and went on a pilgrimage into the wild. However, his Staryu refused to abandon him, following and protecting him while trying to think of a way to bring him back. Eventually his Staryu coordinated a variety of wild pokemon who had been moved by Lester’s kind gestures to reenact the entire pilot double episode of My Little Pony for him. Moved by their performance he took on the title Celestio, King of Pokequestria. He has now returned to society under the banner of Team Plasma, encouraging trainers to release their pokemon and keep only those who refuse to abandon them.

Befriending him will earn you the Harmony Badge!








Grant Hammer – The Fossil Fiend!

As Team Magma’s leading Paleontologist, Grant Hammer is well known for his extensive travels that brought him from one region to the next. His hopes were to discover everything he could about the history of pokemon and the fossils they left behind. His research could be vital in understanding and bringing back Groudon to achieve Team Magma’s fiery goal of eliminating all water! However, duty calls and his adventures now bring him to PAX to help represent Team Magma in all of their glory!

Defeating him will earn you the Fossil Badge!









Plasma Grunt Iris

Preferring to play games with her Pokemon rather than have them fight, Iris has always loved the Pokemon around her. When N and Team Plasma arrived in her town to recruit people to help spread the ideals of love and respect for Pokemon by allowing them to be free, she immediately joined up! However, Iris soon realized that the actions of Plasma did not match their words. Instead of allowing the Pokemon to be free, Plasma was abusing them!
Shocked by the cruel behavior of Plasma, Iris was about to quit when a teenager defeated Plasma and reveled how the evil Ghetsis was manipulating N, a true friend to Pokemon! In the wake of Team Plasma’s destruction, N disappeared. Her faith restored, Iris decided to hunt down N and assist him in any way she can. She followed N to the PAX Pokemon League, where she hopes to help him spread his messages of love and respect for all Pokemon!

Defeating her will earn you the Roy G. Biv Badge!







Galactic Grunt Fro

A less than honorable researcher working under Team Galactic, Karl Howard is an Archaeologist turned tomb robber. During his archaeological career Karl was constantly following rumors of legendary Pokemon. This would eventually lead to his recruitment into Team Galactic. Although he was originally hired for his expertise in legendary Pokémon, his recent years have been spent raiding the Relic Castle and other ruins for various ancient treasures to help fund Cyrus’ diabolical plans. During his most recent adventures Karl has taken to using Pokemon from the more arid regions of the world where he is always on the lookout for treasure. Karl was summoned to Pax in the hopes that his knowledge might be able to give Team Galactic an edge over the competition. Patrons of the expo should beware as his team has been hand picked for desert combat.

Defeating him will earn you the Egyptian Badge! 


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Prof. Pine on the Scene!

Two and a half weeks from PAX! We continue to move closer to the secrets behind these letts and why the major criminal syndicates have gathered together!

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PAX Pokémon Comic #5

This week, we re-introduce an oft recurring face to the PAX Pokémon League who has also recieved a mysterious letter which has invigorated him to once again reach for the stars!

I would highly recommend you prepare for trouble, incase you aren’t already.

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Introducing: Thane Vector!

        Born Nathaniel Kee, Thane chose a new name when he first decided to take to the stage and become a rock star. During his early tours, his faithful Mareep provided constant companionship and doubled as a decent pillow during those long drives from city to city. Thane challenged trainers at every city he visited, enjoying the diverse array of talent he got to see from region to region. His skill and reputation as a trainer grew with his skill and reputation as a rock star, and soon Thane became a gym leader. Not content to give up his freedom to travel as a rock star, Thane dubbed his tour bus a mobile “gym” and continued to tour, telling people what it means to be a hero through the power of rock n’ roll. He chose to champion Electric-Type Pokemon both as a practical matter and in deference to his old Mareep. On his unending quest, Thane has chosen to ally himself with Team Magma, hoping that their earthy ways will assist him in rocking harder!

Trainers enter battle with Thane as Challengers of the PAX Pokemon League. By the time the battle is over, they will become Warriors of the PAX Pokemon League.

Defeating Thane will earn you the Warrior Badge!

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