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Berri, the Traveling Ranger of Hoenn joins the PWT

PPL_VeryBerri Final

As our first announced leader we are proud to present Berri, the Traveling Ranger!

Harkening back to the Rangers she learned from after saving her shiny swablu from poachers near Sootopolis, Berri has travelled to Prime’s PWT to represent the Rangers of Hoenn.

Your friendly neighborhood water vendor here: I’ve heard that Berri’s still a little green, not to mean that she’s gonna be a pushover! But that her pokemon take after her love of nature. Bring yourself a campfire to stay warm, and I’m sure you’ll be fine. And if you can defeat her, you’ll earn the Primal badge!

Berri-Primal Badge final

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Challenger Survey! Give us your feedback, help us improve!

As mentioned in the previous post, here is our challenger survey!

We’d really appreciate it if you filled it out! Anyone can take it, whether you challenged the league at PAX East or not! Your responses really help us improve. Feedback from last year was instrumental in how we planned the league this year, so please, be honest and tell us what you really think! Responses are anonymous.

You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much in advance! <3

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The PAX East Pokemon League 2012 is over, and gym leaders and elite four members have returned to their respective corners of the globe. There will be more news and reviews and photos coming soon (after we recover from all the excitement), but I’m sure I echo the sentiments of all of the other leaders when I say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much to all of the challengers who battled hard and took the PPL challenge! Without you all this wouldn’t be possible, and whether you defeated the champion or your Pokemon journey is only just beginning, I hope you’ll continue to participate in the future!

Thanks again!


P.S.: If you want to reconnect with your rival or fellow challengers or gym leaders you battled, check out our forums!


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Meetup Times!

Yo! Champ-in-making! With PAX fast approaching, I’ll bet you want to know the best way to hunt down those elusive gym leaders who will be wandering PAX, so you can prove yourself in battle and earn their badge! Well, I’ve got the scoop: tons of gym leaders will be attending the official PAX Pokemon League Meetups! These meetups are the best way to find that elusive leader you’re missing, or to find and challenge your rival!

Meetups will be held in the Handheld lounge (@handheldlounges):

Friday at 4 PM

Saturday at 4 PM

Sunday at 3 PM

Also, after PAX is officially over, come by the Champion Showcase, which will be held on Sunday at 6:30 PM (on the mezzanine of the Westin Hotel, attached to the convention center). There will be plenty of gym leaders to challenge for last-minute badges, prizes for champions, group photos, and all sorts of shenanigans.

See you at PAX!

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The Champ: Rhys, Champion of the Chessboard!

Rhys was indoctrinated into the world of chess at a young age by his father, a grandmaster. Unfortunately, even after years of practice, he was terrible. Giving up on his practice, Rhys spent his nights watching pokemon battles on TV, and fell in love with the idea of battling. One day, while wandering in the park amongst the tables where old men played chess, he sat down to think, and was alarmed when he felt a tugging at his side. A small Pawniard had set up a board and seemed eager to play. While playing, Rhys realized that if viewed a game of chess as a pokemon battle, he played wonderfully. Rhys’ newfound skill earned him the respect of his family and prize money from various competitions, which he used to set off on his Pokemon adventure. After years of traveling, he rose to the top of the Pokemon League, and has come to the PAX as League champion, ready to challenge would-be champions to the ultimate battle of wits and skill.


And now, a word from our Champion himself:

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Elite Four: Captain Kairos, a Leaf on the Wind!

Quickly propelled through the ranks of the Unova Region’s Air Force, Captain Kairos exemplifies the newest generation of jet fighter pilots: Young, cocky and hot-headed. Despite these qualities, Kairos is still a potent threat as part of the Elite 4 as he has inherited the same battle prowess of his grandfather. It should be known that rumours have been circulating Kairos has been sent to the Pokemon League to beta test the newest method of squadron tactics against trainers. Those who manage to defeat Kairos in battle will be rewarded with The Mach 3 Emblem.

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Elite Four: Clair, the Blessed User of Dragon Pokemon!

Leader of the Blackthorn Gym in Johto, Clair calls herself “the world’s best dragon master.” She may seem arrogant, but she has the skills and the strength to back up her words. While she normally only takes on challengers who have proven themselves via the Dragon User’s Challenge, with PAX being so far from Johto, she’s been forced to make an exception–wise trainers will make good on this rare opportunity! Those who defeat her are awarded the Rising Emblem as proof of their power.

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Elite Four: Hephaestus, Cinnabar’s Forge!

After Giovanni was overthrown in his Seattle election campaign, Hephaestus returned to his solo wandering ways. Though some claim he maintains contact with the Rocket organization, the ties are more tenuous than ever. His fire Pokemon are fully charged and ready to face any challengers, and he’s likely to be found near the top of the PAX East Pokemon league. Should you manage to take him down, the Magma Emblem will be yours!

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Elite Four: Morganstern, the Wandering Veteran!

Something of a restless wanderer, Morganstern has never stayed in one place for very long. Originally from Viridian city, he spent decades traveling the long road from Mt. Silver to the Sevii islands, to Unova and beyond. He brings with him an elite team from all over the world, including his constant companion, a Zangoose he met in Sinnoh. As a gym leader, Morganstern uses only Normal types, hoping to give younger trainers new appreciation for a versatile yet often overlooked group of pokemon. Defeat him to earn the Tactician Emblem, proving you can counter every trick this wily veteran has up his sleeve! 

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Rival Cards Final Designs Revealed!

After much designing, deliberation, and debate, the League is proud to present the final designs for the PAX Pokemon League Rival Challenge at PAX East 2012!

Sample Rival Cards for varying skill levels; Blue Cards are oriented toward Casual players, who are new to the game or are focused less on making their teams competitive, and more on making them fun and quirky. Green Cards are oriented toward Intermediate players, who may play with their favorites but have a competitive edge. Red Cards are for the most hardened veterans who want a merciless challenge that will put their team to the competitive test!

The design has been improved and streamlined since our earlier prototype, thanks to the tireless work of Morganstern and the annoying nitpicking of Propriety, combined with the glorious gym leader portraits made by Nyankokimi, Coco (a.k.a Leaf), and Gingerstik. Aren’t they beautiful?

A reminder on how the Rival Challenge system works:

After you battle against your first gym leader (no matter which one you challenge), that leader will bestow upon you a Rival Card. This card will act as your trainer card at PAX (be sure to sign in the box where it says “Your Name!”); it contains information such as official League Rules, meetup times, contact information for the League, and a set of gym leaders recommended for your skill level. Wise use of this information will help maximize your PAX Pokemon League enjoyment!

Also, notice the “Match Item” in the upper left hand corner of the card. If you find another challenger with the same match item on their card, you may both visit a Gym Leader to be declared Rivals! (You should sign each other’s cards in the box where it says “Rival’s Name!”)

Rival Points:

Once per day of PAX (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), you can visit a Gym Leader with your Rival to declare a Rival Challenge. The Gym Leader will offer you special rules for your challenge match to follow. (If either your or your Rival can’t fulfill the requirements of the challenge, just let the leader know and they’ll come up with a different set of rules.) Once your match is over, report the results to the Gym Leader and you’ll both be rewarded a Rival Point on your card!

Rival Badge:

Those who are steadfast in the pursuit of their Rivals and earn three Rival Points by challenging them all three days of PAX will receive a special Rival Challenge badge!

This badge counts toward the eight badges you need to challenge the Elite Four! The gym leader who gives you your third Rival Point will award you the badge. Remember, you don’t have to defeat your rival all three days to earn the badge; you just have to challenge them all three days, and/or jump out and surprise them whenever they come out of the bathrooms. (Please do not jump out and surprise them when they’re coming out of the bathrooms.)

Rivals and the Champion:

While Rivals may be at odds with each other during their league journey, there comes a time to put grudges aside in the face of a greater challenge. If you or your Rival can defeat the Champion, you’ll both be rewarded… so even if you were bitter enemies, be sure to cheer them on in the end!

Reminder about Suggested Gym Leaders: 

The gym leader who issues you your Rival Card will do her or his best to match you up with the appropriate level card. Blue cards are for Casual-level players, Green are for Intermediate-level, and Red are for Veteran-level players. Each level card will match you up not only with a Rival of your approximate skill level, but will also suggest gym leaders who would likely be at a good level for you. However, these are only suggestions! Challengers can, and are in fact encouraged to, challenge any and all gym leaders! If you see a leader wandering around, we suggest you go ahead and challenge them, even if they’re not on your card, because ultimately the PPL isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about having fun!

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