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Introducing: Thane Vector!

        Born Nathaniel Kee, Thane chose a new name when he first decided to take to the stage and become a rock star. During his early tours, his faithful Mareep provided constant companionship and doubled as a decent pillow during those long drives from city to city. Thane challenged trainers at every city he visited, enjoying the diverse array of talent he got to see from region to region. His skill and reputation as a trainer grew with his skill and reputation as a rock star, and soon Thane became a gym leader. Not content to give up his freedom to travel as a rock star, Thane dubbed his tour bus a mobile “gym” and continued to tour, telling people what it means to be a hero through the power of rock n’ roll. He chose to champion Electric-Type Pokemon both as a practical matter and in deference to his old Mareep. On his unending quest, Thane has chosen to ally himself with Team Magma, hoping that their earthy ways will assist him in rocking harder!

Trainers enter battle with Thane as Challengers of the PAX Pokemon League. By the time the battle is over, they will become Warriors of the PAX Pokemon League.

Defeating Thane will earn you the Warrior Badge!

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Introducing: Zoroark, The Trainer Named after the Pokemon!

     Zoroark was raised in the wild by Pokemon in the Noir Forest in the Oblivia Region. The Pokemon there gave him the name of Zoroark, seeing as he looked like nothing else they had ever seen, and loved to trick others. One day, He traveled to far, and came across the Tilt Village. He was taken in by a man named Hocus, who taught him much. After Horus was taken by the Rangers for arrest, he was left all alone. Soon a Pokemon Trainer came to him, and said that she had come looking for rare new Pokemon, and the chance to help people. She then asked Zoroark a question that changed his life forever, “A young man at your age, who isn’t a Pokemon trainer/Ranger? Why not?” And with that, his great journey begun. Soon he rised up in the ranks of Pokemon, utilizing brutal intimidation skills that he had learned when he lived in the wild, eventually becoming a Gym Leader and a member of Team Aqua. Soon afterwards, an organization called the PPL was gaining power, and as one of Team Aqua’s star commanders in less than 2 months, Zoroark was sent to be their conquer it. With his team of super-scary Pokemon, he makes a very formidable opponent.


Defeating Zoroark will earn you the spooky badge, seen below!

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PAX Pokemon League Comic 4

That’s right!  More chaos is brewing in the world of Pokemon.
This week, we take a trip to Sealand, recently founded by Team Magma and Team Aqua, to see what is brewing there, as more letters arrive.

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Introducing: Professor Pine, The Pokemon Researcher!

         Professor Pine was an outstanding graduate from the Castelia University Pokemon Research department. After graduation, Pine traveled the world, studying allongside Professor Elm, Ivy, Oak, and Juniper before settling in to research pokemon in the Pacific Northwest. Professor Pine does most of his research on Pokemon’s adaptations to unusual environments that allow them to survive. Despite his time spent doing research, Professor Pine is also an accomplished trainer, having collected many badges in his days of travel. If you end up facing him in a battle, Just be sure to expect the unexpected, and know you’re up against a very knowldegable opponent. Professor Pine does not consider himself in allegiance with any organization, other than the International Academy of Pokemon Researchers.

Defeating Professor Pine will earn you a starter badge (picture to come soon)!

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The Plot Continues to Grow…

What are these mysterious letters? What do they contain? And does it have anything to do with the up and coming PAX Pokemon League at Prime 2012?

The closer we get the Prime, the more we are sure to find out!


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PPL Comic week 2!

We’ve got another comic page up today, but first a word on a more personal note from Professor Pine himself.

Hello all, It’s me, Professor Pine.
As you’ve no doubt heard the news from last week, I’m suspending the League this year at PAX.  I will still be in attendance of course, but due to the take over last year by Team Rocket, and the instability of the Rivals’ Leadership at East, we all need to take a step back and assess the situation we have in front of us.  Since we already had a fair number of leaders signed up to participate, there will still be other leaders at PAX Prime, and their bio’s will be getting posted soon.  Also thanks to an anonymous benefactor, more Leaders are going to be brought in to help fill in the void while the other League officials and myself sort out the state of the League.  So this year at Prime will be different, but still wonderful.  I really hope to see you there.
~~Professor Lester Pine


And now to your weekly scheduled content from elsewhere in the world…

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PAX Pokemon League Comic Page 1

Welcome to what will be our weekly release of our webcomic for the PAX Pokemon League, leading up to end of August.  We’re going to attempt to set the stage for events to transpire at PAX.

So without further ado, page 1:

Page 1

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So the plan was to have a grand big announcement today, but along the way we happened across a snorlax in the road.

We are currently hanging our heads in shame as we trek pack to a pokemon center to pick up our pokeflute that no one know why was in the PC in the first place.

Rest easy though, we’ll have things back up and on schedule tomorrow!  Trust me, you’ll like it.

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Leader Applications for Prime are now open!

As you’ve probably seen in our forums, on our twitter, or on our Facebook; Leader applications are now open for PAX Prime.  Even though PAX Passes sold out in 3 blinks of an eye, if you’ve got passes, or are willing to trade a kidney for a 3-day pass on the black market*, we’d love to have you apply.

If you head on into our forums, you’ll have all the information you need!


Hope to hear from you soon.

~~Professor Pine

*Please don’t sell kidneys or anything on the black market.

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Challenger Survey! Give us your feedback, help us improve!

As mentioned in the previous post, here is our challenger survey!

We’d really appreciate it if you filled it out! Anyone can take it, whether you challenged the league at PAX East or not! Your responses really help us improve. Feedback from last year was instrumental in how we planned the league this year, so please, be honest and tell us what you really think! Responses are anonymous.

You guys are wonderful. Thank you so much in advance! <3

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