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At long last! The Champion of the Pokemon World Tournament is revealed!

Long have you waited, through leaders great and small, to learn of the penultimate battle you shall face!

So, without further ado, I am proud to present to you the Champion of the Pokemon World Tournament!

Youngster Joey!

Youngster Joey!

Wanting to test the mettle of his trusty Rattata, Joey decided to take on the PAX Pokemon League. To many members’ surprise, he was able to single-handedly defeat several of the leaders and proved himself worthy of being a leader in his own right, as well as the Champion. Due to League rules stating that he needed a full team of six, he asked his other Youngster friends from around the world if he could borrow their Pokemon to fill out his team. Joey wants to prove that just because a Pokemon can be found everywhere, doesn’t mean it’s weak! If you can fight your way to the him, and defeat his team, you will become a Pokemon Champion!

Hey kid; Joey may look young, but don’t let that fool you. He’s been young long enough that he’s gotten PRETTY good at it. But his team does have its weaknesses. They may be in the top percent, but that doesn’t make them better than everything! if you fight hard, and know what you’re doing, beating him should be as easy as wearing shorts.

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Pokemon World Tournament’s Achievement medals!

This year at the Pax Pokemon League, we have lots of exciting leaders to battle. Not to be too single-minded, however, we’ve also got a few tricks up our sleeve! The first time you battle you will get a special card that not only shows our leaders, but will show you how to get these fancy medals, there’s four of them! and you can use them to count towards the eight badges needed to challenge the Elite four (though it takes two medals to equal one badge for that.)

Without further ado, here are the four medals, and how to get them!


The Battle Medal is gotten by having 8 BP in the Battle section of your card!


The Trivia Medal is gotten by having 8 BP in the Trivia section of your Trainer Card!


The Challenge Medal is gotten by having 4 BP in the Special section of your trainer card!


The Victory Medal is gotten by having 4 BP in the victory section of your trainer card!



Trainer card back




  • Challengers battle other challengers and make a request to a Leader to facilitate the challenge  
  • This battle can either be just standard singles or according to one of the special rulesets under the Special category 
  • Once the battle is over, the challengers return to the leader to get the BP squares on their cards initialed to show they have completed it accordingly
  • If it’s a standard Singles battle, then both participants get 1 BP marked off under Battles, and the victor of the battle gets 1 BP marked off under Victories
  • If it’s a special rules battle, both participants get 1 BP marked off under Battles, 1 BP marked off under the relevant Special square, and the victor gets 1 BP marked off under Victories

Of course, that all doesn’t apply to Trivia. For trivia, a challenger asks a leader for a trivia question and the leader provides one. If the challenger gets it correct, the leader initials one of the Trivia BP squares! Be careful, this trivia could be about anything! (Though it will most likely be Pokemon related)

When you have the correct number of BP in any one category, go find and show a leader to receive your corresponding Medal!

On a similar note! Also make sure to find the Trick master and ask her about her Trivia, in which you can receive a Trick Trick Badge, which can count as one of the eight badges needed to fight the Elite 6! (And I mean, if you manage to pass it off to the Champ as the Actual Trick Badge, we won’t hold it against you!) It also allows you to fight the Trick Masters Special team, so be sure to look for her. She will probably be disguised; either as one of her favorite Pokemon, Volcarona, or as one of the other leaders…

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Trick Master, Master of Tricks!

After concocting one confounding maze after another, the Trick Master had come upon a puzzle block, if you will. After years of luring trainers into her mazes for the prize of a rare item, it seemed like she had exhausted her very extensive trick book. She couldn’t count how many switches she’d installed, trees she’d planted right into the floor, or even the times she’d polished the floor until it was a tatami skating rink; everything it seemed, was cliche now. When her inspiration seemed lowest, the answer hit her. The table followed suit as she scrambled to get out from under it and set her plan in action. The trainers knew the Trick Master’s games well enough. There were only so many pieces of furniture she could hide under, but there were limitless amounts of Pokemon to craft her tricks with. And, what better venue to carry them out than the World Tournament. Representing All of Hoenn, the Trick Master is ready with antics to amuse the crowds!

Don’t be fooled! The Trick Master’s pokemon may seem to be dragging their feet but through some smoke and mirrors they could be stampeding towards you! If you keep your pokemon out of range before those heavy-hitters can land a punch, there’s no puzzle you can’t power through.

Rumor has it that despite her Elite status, the Trick Master will also be running her own riddle/trivia game for those who think they’re up to the challenge, ask her about it if you can find her. She’s hard to find, though. Always a master of disguises, TM will be changing her clothing up the whole week! Maybe masquerading as a Pokemon, or even as another leader (she’s pretty short though, so that’ll help you ID her.)

Trick masterbadge12

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Jack Frost, Guardian of Fun

Jack being the free spirit he is, decided to follow the wind. The wind took him to Sinnoh and in Sinnoh he learned about all sorts of Pokemon but really, he liked those who flew and froze, just as he did. One fateful day he overheard two trainers talking about the Pokemon World Tournament, and Jack decided it it sounded fun. So, he flew off with his Staraptor to the much warmer shores of Seattle to do battle with the best.

Jack is a pretty cool guy, but don’t forget, he’s a bit of an airhead too. If you know anything about types you should be able to come to some shocking, or even heated conclusions about what might work best. If you can defrost this Elite trainer, you’ll find yourself the Blizzard badge.

Blizzard badgeJack frost

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Silver, the Mysterious Poke-thief

When he was a child Silver’s father abandoned him in the wilds of the Johto region. He used everything he could to become the strongest trainer and prove to his worth to the father he never knew. After hearing word that he might get his chance to show up his father he traveled to Seattle to become part of the League.

This guy has a well balanced team from his exploits in Johto. Be prepared for a real fight that will take everything you’ve got to win. Defeating him will get you the Pride Badge.


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Dr. Kronus, the Horizon Walker

Having had his revenge upon the sinister teams of the Pokemon world, he has since traveled far and wide, in search of inner peace. Unfortunately, fate has drawn him back to the league. Wanting to impart the wisdom he has found upon the challengers, Dr. Kronus has returned to show that even old dogs learn new tricks.

All I have is this guy is tough. He’s been all over the world and he’s packing all sorts of exotic Pokemon. Be prepared for anything. If you can power through him, you’ll get the Skull badge.


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Jim Raynor, Commander of the Hyperion

After settling the threat of the Fallen Xel’Naga, Amon, Raynor lead his crew to Earth for some long needed shore leave and stumbled across the PAX Pokemon League. Thinking it would be a fun detour from his resent travels, he signed his crew to do battle

Be prepared to face the roll of a die, for that is what your battle type will be determined by. The crew of the Hyperion is not to be taken lightly, each have a distinct strength and if you allow them to work in unison the challenge will become much harder to overcome, but if you can rush their zergs, you’ll get yourself the Raider Badge.


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Our Elite Six Reveal themselves! May, Breeder Extraordinaire!

The Six mysterious trainers have revealed themselves at long last! These six trainers will be the last obstruction between you, and the Champion of the Pokemon World Tournament. If you collect Eight leader (Or equivalent medals! More on this soon) You can Challenge these powerful fighters for their badges, and with any four of them, you may challenge the Champ!

Without further ado, here are our are Six leading fighters!

May, the Breeder Extraordinaire!


After competing in the Wallace Cup alongside Dawn, May returned to Johto in search of her own sense of style to bring to her Contest battles. While being fairly successful in the Johto Grand Festival, May decided to focus on her skills as a Pokemon Trainer as a way to not only perfect her battling skills, but also in hopes of finding some sort of signature style she could bring to the stage with her during her next contest season.


Upon hearing of the PAX Pokemon League she decided to sign up, excited to face many new challengers and to her skills as a Leader. May is famous for her contest combinations that not only dazzle the audience, but pack a powerful punch to the opposing Pokemon. In order to defeat May, your Pokemon have to work together in beautiful synergy! If you can synergize your way to victory you can claim yourself the World Ability Ribbon.


badge7 Continue reading

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Two more Elite trainers found!

We found what we believe are the last two elite trainers to be coming to take over the PWT. Boy, all of them look strong! We should have more info later this weekend on them, such as names, strategies, and teams! Here are the pictures we managed to nab!

Ryan PPL1080193_10201952440351282_1426093358_n

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Two more strong battlers!

We have confirmed sightings of two more powerful trainers, and we suspect there may be more, as far as we can tell, these trainers are going to be taking the top spots on the PWT as the “elite” if you will. We will have more information the four we know, and any remaining elite trainers as we get it.

Jack frost cutout Silver cutout

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