ScarfImageThe PAX Pokemon League is an unofficial, fan-run alternate reality game that is played at PAX, the gamer festival held four times a year in Seattle, Boston, San Antonio, and Melbourne Australia. At each PAX, there will be gym leaders in green scarves wandering the convention hall, ready to take on challenges. Find them and defeat them in a Pokemon battle (using your copy of the most recent generation Pokemon games) and you’ll receive their badge! If you can collect eight badges, you’ll earn the right to challenge the Elite Four, and perhaps a Champion, for the right to be crowned a Champion yourself!

The PAX Pokemon League is not a Pokemon tournament. Just like in the Pokemon games, ANYONE can bring a team of their favorite Pokemon and challenge the League!

If this sounds like something you’d like to participate in, come join our forums! Talk with gym leaders and challengers and prepare yourself for the Pokemon League Challenge!

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  1. Brian

    Just curious, as I am thinking of going to PAX this year, what are the gym leaders like? Are all the leaders type based? Are the levels about the levels of the game gym leaders, or all difficult ones at lv.100? Also, is there any way to find out where a gym leader is from, say, tweets from the leaders? Also, I don’t think I would want to be a gym leader as this will be my first year going, but what are the “qualifications and characteristics” necessary for a gym leader? Thanks so much! 😀

    • Propriety

      Hey there Brian!

      Gym leaders for East 2012 haven’t been picked yet! In fact, we’re still accepting applications! Once we’ve picked the leaders, as we get closer to PAX, we’ll be releasing gym leader bios and pictures so you can get to know who you’ll be battling against! Most of the leaders are type-based, though there are often visitors from the games and TV show sporting their respective teams, and some gym leaders use more creative “themed” teams!

      There are lots more details on the “Rules” page, but we use flat battling, which means everyone’s pokemon are leveled to Level 50, so that everyone’s on a level playing field. That said, some gym leaders may pose more of a challenge than others…! Don’t worry, though, there are gym leaders available at a wide range of skill levels, so while you may not win every battle, with hard work and some luck, you can definitely earn some badges!

      Qualifications and characteristics necessary for a gym leader, as mentioned in the application, include a passion for Pokemon, a high level of gregariousness, and a willingness to dedicate time and energy to the League!

      Thanks for the questions! ~Propriety

  2. Dylan L.

    Heyoo Pax Pokemon League,

    I’m going to Pax East this year and I was curious about the identification of the gym leaders, I’m aware that they will be wearing green scarves to signify that they are gym leaders but since Pax is a vast place, will there be any additional identification?

    Thank you for your time Pax Pokemon League!

    • Propriety

      Hey Dylan!

      Gym Leaders will indeed be wearing bright green scarves with the PPL logo patch on them (like you see on this page!) Other than that, some gym leaders dress up a bit in costumes (you can get a hint of what they look like from their leader profile pictures on the main page).

      That’s all you’ve got to go on. But believe you me, those scarves… really stand out. Several challengers (and I myself have done it on occasion) have reported spotting gym leaders on the Expo Floor from the Skyways overhead, even among the crazy crowd!

      Part of the PPL challenge is tracking down the leaders as they wander around PAX. You’d think with the size of PAX that would be really tough, but you’ll find yourself running into them more than you think… especially if you hang around the Handheld Lounge.

      Good luck!

  3. James

    Hey Pax league!

    This is going to be my first pax and when I heard about this gathering of the Pokemon kind I got really excited! I look forward to chalanging the gym leaders this year!

    Also I wanted to know, if I attend next year is it at all possible that I could register to become a gym leader?

    • Propriety

      Hey James! Glad to have you challenging the League! 😀

      Anybody can apply to be a gym leader! We put out the call for applications for gym leaders for PAX East in September, right after PAX Prime is over. So keep an eye out then!


  4. zoe

    I know gym leaders and e4 must post things about their leaded where do you do this

  5. Frankie

    I’m going to my first Pax next year. Will it still be X and Y if another game such as Z or X2 or Y2 comes out. I’m also going with my friends so can one of them be my doubles partner. This sounds fun but are the gym leaders hard.(Based on this years Pax East). Please respond ASAP. Thank you

    • Propriety

      We’re not sure yet! It depends on how battle compatibility shakes out. As of right now, though, we know a lot of people are still using X and Y, so we try to be cognizant of that!

      Also of course your friend can be your doubles partner for doubles gyms!

      Also, we have gym leaders of all skill levels! Some are more casual and play for fun, and some are super tough! You’ll surely be able to find gym leaders at the right level for you. 🙂

  6. Aiden

    Greetings.. I have taken up quite a bit of interest in the pax group and have been creating my own pokemon gyms for quite a few years now. (Though my personal rules as a leader differ much from the PAX rules, such as allowing no legendaries whatsoever) I have also been a role player for seven years. Seeing how the pax group is set up I couldn’t help but be overjoyed to find a group that does something I have wanted to do for many years. I am a semi casual gamer (more of a switch depending on certain circumstances) who prefers to be a teacher of sorts, teaching the lessons that need to be learned by the particular trainer. So I was wondering what the rules were for the gym leaders.. I concurrently have four teirs set up for my sound type gym (in other words a weak one for people who use baby types a medium one for theid game sets and a level sixty and above set.) I don’t think that they are overpowered namely due to many common weaknesses shared between most sound based pokemon and the weaker moves used by them. I developed my own personal rule while creating the teirs as well, such as if the opportunity presented itself sound based moves would replace stab move immediatly except for one slot which would be specifically for a stab move.. So I would enjoy some feedback and hope to learn more about your group and their events 🙂

  7. Frankie again

    Frankie again. Aye I was wondering if I could have a friend code of a gym leader or even yourself? It would be nice to practice. Would there be a chance for ORAS players to battle against gym leaders? What’s a thing that you look for in a gym leader. I’m 14 and I was wondering if that’s to young. I’d love to have the chance to be a gym leader other than the fact that I wouldn’t have time for anything else. If there’s any other information that I need to know please tell me. Thank you.

    • Propriety

      Hey Frankie! If you’re looking for battles, you can check out our forums, some gym leaders tend to hang around there, and you may be able to catch a battle! I rarely have time for battling these days… I’m an old fogey. :B

      As for being a gym leader, I will tell you we have had younger gym leaders than 14, so that’s not necessarily an issue. 🙂

  8. joel francis

    Are you guys still doing the pax Pokemon gym? I’m just wondering cause when I get older that’s one if the things I’m going to do. I can’t exactly do it now cause my parents don’t have the money to take me. But are you still allowed to battle the gym leaders? BTW I’m 13yrs old.

    • Propriety

      Uh… yes! The PPL happens at each and every PAX now. Hopefully when you’re older you can come to PAX and participate. And yes, the whole idea is that you battle gym leaders to earn their badges!

  9. Tom Olive

    You guys should add AUS and South to that first sentence…

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