The PAX Pokemon League South 2018 Hall of Fame!!!

Congratulations to this year’s League Champions!

 League Champion: James R. Frotten

 League Champion: MarkisGarchiya

League Champion: SheepMatty

League Champion: Peter Hotvedt

League Champion: MISSINGNO 1

League Champion: Noah

League Champion: Zelda

League Champion: MISSINGNO 2

League Champion: Pancake


League Champion: Dario Sepulveda

League Champion: Cole

League Champion: Dizzy 

League Champion: Aphelion

League Champion: Papychu 


Due to some Porygons eating our data, and the inability of Sun and Moon to save battle videos when battling against Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, some information for some of our champions has unfortunately been lost! If you are one of the affected champions, please e-mail us at, and we’ll repair the Hall of Fame as soon as possible!

Sprites from PkParaiso
If you see any errors, or if you were left off accidentally or something’s missing, leave a comment and we’ll fix it! This is the last post from PPL South 2018!  Thank you for playing!

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