South’s Elite 5 are here!

Bobby Crewe, the Grill Master!

Whether he’s lighting the grill, or he’s striking up a Pokemon battle, you can count on Bobby Crewe to turn up the heat. He knows how to get a perfect grill line on a kabob, and he knows how to train a super charged fire Pokemon. Bobby may like his burgers medium-rare, but if a trainer challenges him, he intends to send them home well done!

Smoke out his high-fire-power Pokemon and you’ll walk away with the Grill Emblem!


Black Star, the World’s Greatest Trainer!

Last of the infamous Star Clan, Black Star, announces that he is the worlds greatest Pokemon Trainer! Although the title is self-proclaimed, how could Black Star NOT be the greatest? With the help of his transforming weapon, Subaki, and a team of dangerous ghost type Pokemon, Black Star is out to prove that it’s not bragging when you can back it up!

Hang on to your soul to claim the Star Emblem!


Coach K, the Dragon Coach!

In his younger days, Coach K went on his first journey through Kanto with his partner Charizard, even going as far as being named Champion of Kanto for a short while, studying under Lance. Coach K retired and settled down after his journey and continued coaching in Texas — this time in football. He now runs his football team based on his philosophy as a trainer — fly to the opponent, hit hard, and strike fast. Play the best. Beat the best. After attending PAX South, Coach K was enticed to come out of retirement and began training once again!

Defeat his dragon blitz to claim the MVP Emblem!


Osono, the Alche-witch!

Don’t underestimate the witchy tricks this grass loving alchemist wields! Too much of a good thing can be poisonous, be wary of these sweet-shaped grass types. Osono is here to test experienced trainers with her natural remedies, can you suss out which is trick or treat in time?

Survive her treatment to receive the Tricky Witch Emblem!


Syto and Sable, the Silent But Deadly Duo!

Syto and Sable were two best friends from a hidden village trained in the ways of assassination. Once the two became of age they were sent to different regions and trained in the different ways of Pokemon. Syto was sent to the Kanto region and trained under Koga in the way of traditional ninja and poison type Pokemon. While Sable was sent to Unova to train in modern assassin tactics and dark type Pokemon from the elite Grimsley. Years later the two friends were reunited and they used their newly learned tactics to become the ultimate duo in poison and dark Pokemon!

Resist the toxic dark to earn the Rose Gem Emblem!

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