PPL South 2018’s Champion is here!

Cain, the Leader of the Pack!

Cain was born in the Kanto region and as a young boy he went camping with his parents and his best friend Growlithe. In the middle of the night his parents were taken, and Cain and his Growlithe were all alone deep in the wilderness. Over the years Cain had to learn to survive, but he wasn’t alone. He and Growlithe made friends in the forest, and learned to live in the harsh wilds with his growing pack. Eventually, Cain made his way back to civilization looking for answers about what happened to his family. While his search goes on for his parents goes on, he also made a name for himself as a trainer, hardened by his time in the wilderness. His determination has made Cain the Champion of PPL South.

If you can survive the trials of the PAX Pokemon League, you will then have to challenge Cain and his pack for the right to be called champion!

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