Finishing out the South Gym Leaders: Gloom, Thunderbird, Yazmina, and Captain Invincible!

Gloom, Blocking Your Path!

Rumored to actually be a Snorlax, Gloom was inducted to the league mostly so that the constant battling would keep him from laying about and blocking people’s way around the convention center. But he’s brought along a team of even more lazy, sleepy pokemon! Keep them busy with battles before all our routes are blocked!

Hit them while they hit the hay to earn the Nap Badge!


Thunderbird, the Electrifying Flyer!

Since he was a young boy, Thunderbird has been fascinated by electric type pokemon. He was very intrigued with how some of them were resistant to their usual weakness of ground. That’s when he decided to do research of his own. From then on, with his partner Jolteon, Thunderbird aims to be the best electric type trainer who specializes in resisting ground type attacks.

Help Thunderbird further his research and you may receive the Winged Electricity Badge!


Yazmina, the Corsair Admiral and First Mate!

Deep in the ranks of Team Aqua, a legend exists. Ships and crew terrorized across the sea, and from this misfortune a single name is whispered: The Corsair Admiral Yazmina! With her steely eyed Empoleon, a ruthless crew of Poke-Plunderers, and loyal First Mate Jack at her side, none stand in her way!

Brave the darkest waters in the sea and claim the Plunder Badge!


Captain Invincible, the Invincible Master of Invincibility!

Captain Invincible is here! Here to protect you from evil! WHAT?! You’ve never heard of him?! THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE! let us fill you in. Captain Invincible is the world’s best invincible super hero who resides in San Antonio and is also a Pokemon Trainer! He and his invincible Pokemon take hits without breaking a sweat! They stop bank robbers, burglars, shoplifters and 50% of the time car jackers! His Pokemon can stop 72% of attacks and 11% of status moves opponents use on them! That’s a very high percentage! Use extra caution if you fight him, and not get discouraged when you fail to get through his invincible Pokemon’s invincibility!

Somehow defeat the invincible to earn the Invincible Badge!

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