PPL East 2018 Leader Applications!

Applications to be a gym leader at PAX East 2018 are now open!  They will be open through November 30th so if you would like to wait until after Ultra Sun and Moon come out you have time.  When you are ready to apply, here is the application!


A few notes of importance:

  • With PAX East extending to 4 days, Thursday will be optional.  If you are there for Thursday you may take challengers, but if not you can start on Friday.
  • Save your application link!  After submitting your app, click the button to edit your response and save the link at the top of that page.  This will allow you to go back and edit it at any time.
    • If you submit your app before PAX badges go on sale, please go back and make sure to update what days you will be attending.
    • If you do not save the link and want to change your app you can create a new one, but only your latest app will be considered for acceptance.
  • Leaders will likely be required to use Ultra Sun or Moon.  Once the games come out and we know how compatible they are with Sun and Moon we will be able to say for sure.

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