Jose the Gem Warrior and Pending the TV Guide enters the Ring!

Jose the Gem Warrior

The magical guardians of the universe and Steven are here in Seattle to test your Pokemon Training skills! Prove your bonds of friendship with your Pokemon and earn the Gem Warrior badge!


Gem Warrior Badge


Pending the TV Guide

Check your watch… Whoa, look at that! Your calculator watch says 1999. That means it’s time to turn that hat backwards, bust out that yoyo, stick a cassette into that walkman, and get ready for a rad time, because we’re in the 90s! That’s right, it’s a Saturday in the 90s. This new game called Pokemon just came out, and we’re about to check it out while we watch some Saturday morning cartoons! Scheduled during the Pending timeslot – sit down, grab a can of Surge, and get ready to challenge Pending, the TV Guide! You’ll need to best the rad vibes of the 90s to overcome the TV guide! Defeat Pending and gain the TV Badge!

TV Badge

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