Leaders: Trashman, the Trash Lord, Ruby and Sapphire, the Crystal Gems, Demios, the Leader of the Purgatory Knights, and Jacob Garvey, the Minuteman General!

Trashman, the Trash Lord!


Strategy:I throw trash all over the field.
Trainer’s Pokemon:The most trashtastic Pokemon this side of the landfill.
Trainer’s Message:I’m the Trashman, Lord of trash. You can’t outtrash me no matter what because trash always wins. Upon my mighty throne of garbage I trash opponents.

The Trash Badge (Trashman)

Trash Trashman to get the Trash Badge!

Ruby and Sapphire, the Crystal Gems!


Strategy: Go ahead and try and beat us if you’re able!
Trainer’s Pokémon (Ruby): Fury: Fire, Fighting, Fairy types!
Trainer’s Pokemon (Sapphire): Patience: Ice, Psychic, and Fairy types.
Trainer’s Message: We are made of love!

The Garnet Badge (Ruby and Sapphire)

Show you have the strength of a true Crystal Gem to earn the Garnet Badge!

Demios, the Leader of the Purgatory Knights!


Strategy: I will fight united with my knights until the very end
Trainer’s Pokémon: I have trained my Pokemon to protect the world as part of my Knight’s Order.
Trainer’s Message: This is the will of Purgatory!

The Purgatory Badge (Demios)

If you can show me your strength and determination you will earn The Purgatory Badge!

Jacob Garvey, the Minuteman General!


Trainer’s Pokémon: The resilient mutants of the wasteland.
Trainer Strategy: Use the strength of the Wasteland against the spirits of the trainers.
Trainer’s Message: After taking on my father’s role as leader of the Minuteman, I learned of Pax and came to test the strength of the trainers against the resilience of the Wasteland to see which would conquer the other.

The Bottlecap Badge (Jacob Garvey)

Lay waste to my mutants and earn the Bottlecap Badge!

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