Leaders: Mei, the Frozen Climatologist, Hylia, Goddess of Hyrule, and Drak, the Dragon Rider Extroardinaire!

Mei, the Frozen Climatologist!


Strategy: Freeze my enemies where they stand!
Trainer’s Pokémon: My pokemon help me chill out after an long day at work!
Trainer’s Message: Get ready for a flurry!

The Blizzard Badge (Mei)

Melt away Mei’s defenses and win the a-MEI-zing Blizzard Badge!

Hylia, Goddess of Hyrule!


Strategy: Power, wisdom, courage.
Trainer’s Pokemon: They exist in Hylian legends…
Trainer’s Message: May the way of the Trainer lead to the Champion.

The Triforce Badge (Hylia)

Complete Her Grace’s trial of battle to be blessed with the Triforce Badge!

Drak, the Dragon Rider Extroardinaire!


Strategy: To ride past the competition
Trainers Pokémon: Dragons that have the ability to ride as one both land and sky.
Trainer Message: I will teach you how to truly train your dragons.

The DrakerRider Badge (Drak)

Ride past the mighty dragons to obtain the DrakerRider Badge!

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