Three more South Gym Leaders Unveiled! Alfred, Seth, and Robin!

Alfred Jarvis, the Fossil Pokemon Master!


The land before time was a primordial land, a land without a need for culture, words, or civilization. This was the land of the Prehistoric Pokemon. They are the pinnacle of their time, Arceus’ first creations. Though most have been forgotten by time, cutting edge science has revived some of them, reminding us all of a time when these mighty beasts roamed the world. Alfred Jarvis, a modern fossil expert, is willing to demonstrate their abilities to any who challenge him, and rewards those who show strength and toughness in the face of primordial power.

Take a trip to the past and earn the Paleo Badge!


Seth, the Sunny Day Knight!


Praise the Sun! This is the motto that Seth the Sunny Day Knight lives by. The sun is a source of immense power, and, for those who can control it, serves as a powerful ally. Seth and his beloved Pokémon, through years of training, have harnessed the power of sunlight. They wield it to defend the realm of Pokémon from any who would do it harm. They’ve traveled the world from Kanto to Kalos, offering their aid to fellow trainers in need. This year, the Sunny Day Knight’s travels will bring him to PAX South. Their challenge is not for the faint of heart, for as long as the sun shines down on Seth and his Pokémon, they cannot be defeated!

Prove yourself worthy and commemorate your victory with the Sol Badge!


Robin, the Corrupt Tactician!


Chrom fell, the avatar faltered, and Grima’s return is all but assured! Challengers get one more chance to save the realm from all-consuming darkness by defeating this shade of a tactician. Can you match wits with the best Fire Emblem has to offer?

Shed some light on the oncoming darkness to earn yourself the Grimleal badge!


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