Three More South Gym Leaders take the stage! Daeny Fay, Tabitha, and Brankster!

Daeny Fay, the Storyteller!

Daeny Fae

Growing up in Blackthorn City, Daeny just couldn’t seem to fit in. The older children, who all hoped to become Dragon Masters like their idols Lance and Clair, taunted her and her Eevee, saying she was too soft and naive to ever be a real Pokemon trainer. So she spent her days alone in the forest cuddling with her Eevee reading stories of princes and princesses chasing dragons and hunting ghosts. One day, as Daeny suffered more bullying from the older dragon trainers, her Eevee evolved into Sylveon and defended her. That day, they left Blackthorn City to begin a journey. Daeny wanted to prove to the world that being sweet didn’t mean you couldn’t fight, and that cuteness could actually be a very dangerous weapon indeed. Now she’s heading to PAX South, wanting to share with others her very own fairy tale!

Tell your tale in battle with Daeny to earn the Storybook Badge!


Tabitha, the Loyal Admin!


Since the defeat of Team Magma during the Delta Event in Hoenn, their leader Maxie has been searching for alternative ways to increase territory for humans and Pokemon on the land. After hearing of an abnormally long drought in the San Antonio area, Maxie dispatched Tabitha to investigate a possible recurrence of Groudon. However, upon arriving, Tabitha noticed the large gathering of trainers and decided to do some thorough investigations through battle!

Best this Magma admin at his own game to win the Magma Badge!


Brankster, The Charged Capacitor


Brankster was always an adventurous young boy, and roaming clumsily into strange places was his specialty. One day he found himself lost in the depths of Chargestone Cave. Too scared to move, he hid from the discharged waves of the rocks and dangerous Pokemon. When hiding in a corner he was approached by a small Joltik, which crawled up his arm and sat on his shoulder in a comforting manner. This gave Brankster the confidence to rise from his hiding spot and explore more of the cave while searching for an exit. The Joltik and Brankster became the best of friends, and it sparked an interest in Brankster to seek out more electric-type pokemon. Soon, he realized the discharged waves weren’t so scary after all. You can try to break Brankster’s circuit but his Pokemon are not so easily grounded!

Put up some strong resistance to earn the Discharge Badge!


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